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The time has come for freedom protesters to give it a rest

Posted on 10 March 2022 by Prairie Post


What is it about this whole “freedom” convoy thing that so upsets me? There is a bunch of people who don’t want to get the vaccination. OK. So you’re afraid of needles? You don’t want to be told you have to have a mask on before you can get into a bar, or go to a restaurant? The company you work for says you can’t go to work if you don’t get the vaccinations? 

Now you want to blame Trudeau? Do you have feelings that the whole system is a conspiracy to get you? Listen to me friend – you need to get help. 

I mean you need to call the mental health people right now and book an appointment for counselling. 

Convincing all your trucker friends that you need to stop the economy and fire the politicians, especially the prime minister, because you and your buddies are inconvenienced, is beyond everyday logic. Yes, you got a few hundred unhappy people who are also ready to shut down a large part of the economy because you’re angry, and the “Freedom Bell” is ringing for you and your buddies. What about the rest of the 30,000,000 Canadians that need to go to work to feed their families? 

You got a few thousand angry and ready to yell and honk all night to express frustration. After a week or so, did it begin to sink in that this was a crazy drunk-like stunt, and maybe you should slink off home for a good night’s rest?

Everybody gets upset at times. 

It takes a little humility to see yourself and acknowledge when you went overboard. 

So, give it up, see that you made your point, and now get out of the way. Hanging in there is only feeding your ego. It’s sick when you are unable to let it go, and you have to eventually admit you making a fool of yourself. 

Yes, freedom is a great rallying cry for our democracy, but realistically there is no other country in the world like Canada, willing to let you go on for weeks in this silly rant. 

You made your point, you expressed your free opinion, nobody sent the army in to force you. Intelligent humility must get you to admit you proved your point weeks ago. You are now no better than the dictators like Putin, ready to kill millions just to get your way. 

I might have had some sympathy for you a week ago, now you’re just making me mad. Go home!

Don Ryane


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