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Prairie Rose finalizes calendar

Posted on 15 February 2022 by adminis

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

   As both spring and preparation for the new school year come ever closer, Prairie Rose Public Schools plan for better education and administration for their division in their February Board Meeting.

   At this time of year, the 2022-2023 division calendar is usually in place, noted Deputy Superintendent Mark Heinricks. However, there are key areas that still need to be examined.

   The finalized calendar will be brought forward at the March Board Meeting for approval.

   The Policy Review Committee, with Board Member Patty Rooks as Chair of the committee, brought forward the Board Committee Policy for board approval. 

   This policy aims to combine several board sub committee policies into a single document, as to make the information easier to access and read.

This work was done as part of the first meeting of the Policy Review Committee.

   “Take on the task of combining all of our different terms of reference into one committee policy that you see today, just so it’s a little bit easier to follow from a visual perspective, when people look at our policies, as well as it’s easier for you know, yourselves as trustees and ourselves as the executive as well, to go into one spot about all the different terms of reference,” said Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser.

   It was moved by Patty Rooks to replace these policies with a single document. The motion carried.

   The Irvine School trip to Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa has been moved to the may long weekend, as well as shortened from a nine day trip to a seven day trip. This accrues no additional cost, said Superintendent Reagan Weeks, and in fact saves money as the date allows the tour activities to be combined with another group.

   “We feel like at that time some of the protocols around COVID-19 may lessen as well, which was something that the teacher was rather excited about when he identified the change,” said Weeks.

Weeks also provided an update on the Deeper Learning education goals. 

   “So our deeper learning goal that we identified with Prairie Rose is an approach to learning that prioritizes engagement, authenticity, personalization, connecting students to their community immersive learning experiences that place students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences as a foundation for studying all subject areas designed for curry rose public schools,” said Weeks. 

   This is done by giving students a voice in how, when, and what they learn, as a first step, said Weeks, and tailoring lessons to student’s strengths and interests to increase engagement in the material. 

   This learning has been supported with the addition of numerous Prairie Rose Possibility projects, community partnerships and through the addition of learning instructional coaches. Despite challenges brought on by COVID-19, results indicate an upward trend in terms of student excellence which is an indicator of deeper learning,” said Weeks.

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