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Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) and Maple Creek RCMP conduct the following noteworthy traffic stops

Posted on 22 April 2021 by Contributed
Interesting stops for patrols

In the last couple weeks, between April 8 and April 17, Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) and Maple Creek RCMP conducted the following noteworthy traffic stops.

 Colonsay – Is it Miles per hour, or Kilometres per hour? Is there a difference?

 On April 8, 2021, the provincial central Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) unit detected a vehicle travelling in excess of the posted speed limit on Highway #16, west of Colonsay. The vehicle was being driven at a speed of 160 km/h in a zone of 110 km/h. RCMP activated their emergency equipment, signalling the driver to pull over. Once officers made contact with the driver, the driver indicated he had no idea why he was being pulled over. Officers learned that the driver had recently changed the display inside of his vehicle so the speedometer was displaying ‘miles per hour’ rather than ‘kilometers per hour’. The driver said he was checking the gas mileage of the vehicle and hadn’t realized he was operating in such excess of the posted speed limit. The driver returned the display to ‘kilometers per hour’, he received a fine of $910, and thankfully there were no collisions or injuries as a result of the incident.

Lloydminster – Unregistered licence, suspended driver and four children, not properly restrained

On April 16, 2021, Maidstone Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) unit observed a vehicle travelling on Highway 17 near Lloydminster, SK. Officers checked the Saskatchewan licence plate, and learned that the vehicle was unregistered.  Officers activated their emergency equipment and made contact with the driver. The driver had a suspended driver’s licence and during the vehicle stop, officers noticed four children inside the vehicle. None of the children, all under the age of ten, were in child booster seats, or any appropriate restraints. The vehicle was towed, and the driver received a number of fines. Officers were able to ensure the children were returned home safely and provided guidance to ensure they weren’t placed in an unsafe situation such as this, in the future. 

Maple Creek – Speeding Supercars; Lamborghini vs. Ferrari vs. Aston Martin

On April 17, 2021, Maple Creek detachment members were on patrol and noticed a trio of supercars heading south of Maple Creek on the 21 Highway. Officers caught up to the trio and noted the vehicles were travelling in excess of 180 km/h, in a zone of 110 km/h. A traffic stop was initiated for the vehicles, which were a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin. Following the interactions with the drivers, officers issued a total of $3600.00 in fines and all three of the vehicles were impounded. Officers learned that one of the drivers had just taken his vehicle out of winter storage and had failed to properly register his vehicle. Not something you see every day in the Saskatchewan prairies.

“These three incidents could have resulted in something much more serious than the fines that were issued,” shared Superintendent Grant St. Germaine, Saskatchewan’s Officer in charge of Traffic. “This is thanks to the diligent work of our officers in the Maple Creek detachment, our Central and Maidstone CTSS units. I want to remind the public, that as the weather warms up, it is just as important to remain vigilant when you are behind the wheel. Ensure you have the proper insurance, buckle up, put your phone away and remain alert! Let’s make sure we practice safe driving habits, so that you, your loved ones, and our officers can return home safely”.

Interesting stops for patrols

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