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SwiftConnect: Conduct City business on online customer portal

Posted on 17 March 2021 by Contributed
City introducing online portal

Are you ready to go paperless?

The City of Swift Current is excited to announce that we will be launching SwiftConnect — our new, online customer portal — on Monday, March 29th!

SwiftConnect will link our existing Community Services Online Portal with our new Property Tax & Utilities Online Portal, allowing you to:

•Switch to Paperless Utility Billing

•Access Residential and Commercial Property Tax information

•View Historical Utility Consumption

•Make Secure, Online Payments for Property Taxes and Utilities

If you’re not familiar with our existing Community Services Online Portal, once subscribed, you can:

•Find information on Aquatic Lessons, Culture and Recreational Programming

•Find facility information and pay invoices with a new way to log in

SwiftConnect is a single sign-on portal where you can subscribe for and access all of these great services from one location!

Keep in mind: If you’re already using the Community Services Online Portal, you’ll have to log in from the SwiftConnect portal.

Prepare for launch…

In order to get set up on SwiftConnect, you’ll require a Secret PIN and Account Code to access your personal Property Tax & Utilities Online Portal for the first time. This is to ensure that your account is secure and that only you, as the account owner, can access it.

All City of Swift Current Property Tax and/or Utility customers will receive a personal Secret PIN and Account Code in the mail beginning the week of March 15th, 2021. You will also receive instructions on how to access SwiftConnect and get set up for the first time.

This mail will be sent separately from your regular Utility Bill. Please remember that your Secret PIN and Account Code has been assigned specifically to you, and you will need it in order to get set up on SwiftConnect. In addition, please keep this information in a safe place after you use it…your Secret PIN and Account Code are specific to your account and will be required if you choose to opt out of paperless billing and wish to access it again at a later date.

Conduct YOUR City business on YOUR terms…

SwiftConnect is optional. You can decide whether you’d like to go paperless and begin using the Property Tax & Utilities Online Portal or if you’d prefer to continue receiving your Utility and Property Tax invoices in the mail as you do now. You can also change your mind at any time and opt in or out of paperless billing.

If you already have a Community Services Online Portal account, simply use the email address associated with that account when you sign up for SwiftConnect, and your personal information (name, address, phone number, birthdate) will automatically be populated in SwiftConnect.

Please note: You do not have to set up a Property Tax & Utilities online account to create a Community Services online account, or vice-versa…you can choose both, one or neither. 

We’re here to support you…

Navigating a new, online environment can be challenging, but our Customer Support Team is standing by, ready to assist you throughout the process. In addition to telephone, online and face-to-face support, the SwiftConnect interface features a full library of FAQs and Tutorial Videos to help you get set up and comfortable with our online services.

Stay tuned…

We’ll be sharing more information as we get closer to our launch on Monday, March 29th. In the meantime, keep an eye out for your Secret PIN and Account Code, along with access instructions, coming to your mailbox soon!

City introducing online portal

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