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Swift Current Municipal Detachment RCMP (Feb. 10-12)

Posted on 15 February 2023 by Ryan Dahlman


The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated:


4:47 PM – report of an erratic driver, swerving on 4th Avenue NE in a black Ford F150. A plate number for the vehicle was able to be obtained by the caller. This matter is still under investigation.

5:17 PM – report of a male at a residence on the 100 block of Lorne Street E causing a scene and throwing things in the home. Police attended and the male calmed down. No charges were laid in relation to the incident.

7:20 PM – report of a suspicious grey Honda Civic in the industrial area. Officers made patrols of the area, locating the vehicle. The occupants advised they had forgotten a pair of glasses at a business they’d been to early in the day but it was now closed.

8:11 PM – report of two males at a location on the O block of 1st Avenue NE that have been banned from the location.Officers attended but the males had left prior to their arrival.

8:43 PM – while on patrol, officers issued a written warning to the driver of a white Nissan Pathfinder for disobeying a stop sign.

8:43 PM – 911 call from a male reporting he lost his debit card . Police spoke with the caller and he was instructed to contact his bank to have the card cancelled and monitor his account for any fraudulent charges made. The caller was also given a verbal warning about the proper use of 911 .

11:55 PM – an intoxicated male was located outside of the Detachment by police after he had been banging on the door. The male was held in police custody until he was sober and was released without charges.


12:05 AM – 911 call of a break and enter in progress to a business on the 1700 block of Chaplin Street E. The call came in after the owner of the property witnessed what occured through video footage. Police attended and found the front window smashed. The property rep was also at the location advising the suspects were still inside the business. Officers entered the business and located two male youth hiding inside. Both youth were arrested and will be charged in relation to the incident. This matter is still under investigation.

5:55 AM – report of the caller’s neighbour stalking her. Police attended the caller’s residence and after speaking with her determined what was said to be happening wasn’t actually taking place.

12: 14 PM – request to assist EMS with an adult female who had overdosed. Officers and EMS arrived at the location and the female was conscious and breathing and transported to the hospital for further evaulation.

3:23 PM – report of the complainant losing control of his drone and it going down in a field in the north west area unable to find it. Two days later the complainant contacted police to advise the drone had been found and returned to him.

3:48 PM – while on patrol, officers issued a ticket to the driver of a white Ford Explorer for holding their cellphone while operating a motor vehicle.

4:15 PM – while on patrol, officers issued a ticket to the driver of a yellow GMC Sierra for holding their cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. The driver was also issued a written warning for failing to produce their registration upon police request.

5:22 PM – while on patrol, officers issued tickets to the driver of a white Ford F150 for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s licence, having an obstructed licence plate and having an inadequate windshield. The driver of the vehicle was also issued inspection tickets to have the plate obstructing their licence plate removed and to have the windshield replaced.

6:43 PM – report that a male and female came to the caller’s room at a commerical dwelling unit on the 1200 block of South Service Road E and broke a window and destroyed other property in the room . The caller advised he did not want any charges laid and only wanted police assistance in fixing the damages. Officers attended and the caller was the only occupant in the room and appeared to be on some kind of substance. The male was arrested and held in police custody until he was sober.

8:00 PM – report of a male making threats towards a police officer. This matter is still under investigation.

9:18 PM – report of a blue Dodge Journey hitting a deer on the #4 Highway. Officers attended the collision, two deer had been hit and injured, both required to be put down. The driver of the vehicle was not injured but the vehicle was required to be towed from the scene.

10:04 PM – while officers and a tow truck with their emergency lights activated were on scene at a collision on the #4 Highway a black Nissan Quest failed to move over on the roadway in order to give adequate space to the tow operator. Police pulled the vehicle over and spoke to the driver who appeared very confused as to the necessity to move over for

emergency and tow vehicles. The driver was issued a ticket under the Traffic Safety Act for driving without due care and attention.

11:10 PM – report of a mother and daughter getting into a physical altercation outside an establishment on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. Officers attended and spoke to both involved, neither wanting any charges laid and both refusing to provide a statement to police about what occured.


3:25 PM – 911 call of an unknown male at the caller’s residence knocking, wanting to be let in. The caller advised the male was looking for a residence that was one block east of the caller’s. Officers attended the area but the male had left prior to their arrival. Officers made patrols but no one was located in the area.

10:01 AM – while on patrol, officers issued a written warning to the driver of a silver Subaru Legacy for holding, viewing, using or manipluating an electronic communication device while operating a motor vehicle.

2:19 PM – request to conduct a wellbeing check on a dog who was outside a business on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive with it’s owner who was panhandling. Officers attended and the animal was fine.

2:45 PM – report of a dispute over a dog. The caller advised he’d been given a dog by a male who was now wanting it back in order to give it to someone else. The caller was told by police this was a civil matter.

4:47 PM – while on patrol, officers issued a ticket to the driver of a Dodge Ram for holding more than one driver’s licence.

5:08 PM – report of a black Ford F150 driving into the creek near 6th Avenue NE and Herbert Street. Officers attended and spoke to the driver who was not injured and passed a roadside alcohol screening test however, a small amount of cocaine was located. Police also determined the driver did not have a valid license or valid registration for the vehicle which she received tickets for and the vehicle was towed from the scene. The driver was given a future court date for the possession of cocaine charge under the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act.

7:50 PM – report of the caller seeing a white object with cameras in the sky. When the caller was spoken to she advised that it was was no longer there. The caller felt that with the recent sightings of balloons and UFO’s in the news she should report it.

8:57 PM – report of the caller’s neighbour’s dog coming into their yard nine days ago and bit the caller’s son. The caller advised they spoke to the neighbour and did not wish to have anything done, only wanting it documented should it happen again.

9:57 PM – report of a male in a grey Honda Civic that kept passing the caller and then slowing down to allow her to pass while westbound on the #1 Highway. The caller advised the vehicle eventually turned off at Morse, SK. The caller continued to Swift Current, stopping at an establishment on the 500 block of North Service Road E. It was later at this establishment that she was approached by a male saying he’d been the driver of the Honda Civic and he’d been trying to get her attention but the caller did not believe this was the same driver. Officers attended the location and spoke to the male who confirmed, he had been trying to get her attention. He was having vehicle issues and knew he was going to

break down and thought maybe he could get a ride with the caller since she was also going westbound. The caller continued her travels westbound and the male was no longer able to drive his vehicle.

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