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Swift Current Municipal Detachment busy last weekend

Posted on 2 December 2021 by Prairie Post

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated:


22:24 PM – 911 call from a male reporting he had been scammed. The caller advised he’d received an alert from his bank about a suspicious e-transfer and when he tried to cancel it the transfer had already gone through. The caller’s bank advised they would be issuing him new credentials and he would be refunded.

11:27 PM – request to conduct a wellbeing check on a male youth. The caller, who was the male’s girlfriend, was

concerned about his mental health after the pair had gotten into an argument. Police attended his residence and learned the male had been taken to the hospital by his parent.


2:04 AM – report of an alarm at a business on the O block of Springs Drive. Officers attended the business and confirmed the alarm to be false after ensuring the building was secure.

7:11 AM – report of a female telling the caller that she could hear screaming but at the time no one was around and the caller could not hear anything. Police attended the female’s residence and spoke to her. She’d advised when she’d left her apartment she heard an argument. She went for a walk to see if she could find who was yelling but did not locate anyone and returned home.

3:14 PM – while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a green Ford Escape for speeding.

6:02 PM – report of a male leaving nonsensical messages on the Detachment phone. Police contacted the hospital and were able to confirm he had been admitted.

6:58 PM – while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of an orange Chevrolet Cobalt for speeding.

9:53 PM – report of property not belonging to the caller being located in his yard. Police attended the residence, seized the property and placed it into Detachment lost and found.


1:13 AM – request to conduct a wellbeing check on a female after she had not returned home. Police were able to speak with the female on the phone who said she was currently walking back to the residence. Police attended her location and provided her a courtesy ride.

1:20 AM – 911 call of a theft. The male caller advised police that his gambling winnings were being withheld from him. Police attended the location and learned the male had signed a two year Sask Gaming Self-Exclusion Agreement that prohibited him from entering the premises and that if he did, he would not be entitled to any winnings. The male was instructed to leave the location and if he wished to do so, he could pursue the matter through Civil Court. The male was also given a verbal warning about the proper use of 911 .

2:58 AM – report of a possibly suicidal individual. Police attended the individual’s residence and spoke with them. They agreed to attend the hospital voluntarily for evaluation and were transported there by police.

7:35 AM – report of a white Ford Fusion being parked at a business on the 700 block of Central Avenue N. with the door open and no one is nearby or in the business. Police attended the location and the vehicle did not appear to have been gone through and likely been accidentally not shut and blown open by the wind. Police secured the vehicle.

2:50 PM – report of what appeared to be a drug transaction involving a male and the driver of a blue Pontiac G6. Police made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

5:57 PM – 911 call from a female who was concerned about a relative who resides in British Columbia. The caller had been on the phone with the relative, the call disconnected and when she couldn’t reach the relative by phone again

contacted 911. Police in British Columbia were able to confirm the caller’s relative was okay. Officers contacted the caller to confirm no other emergency was taking place.

6:13 PM – report of the caller’s storage unit being broken into approximately a month prior. The caller was unable to

provide any information to aid in investigation and had suspected someone based on information being told to him by others but those people were not willing to cooperate with police and provide statements.

6:38 PM – report of a gas and dash from a business on the 400 block of North Service Road E. involving a white

Volkswagen. No plate number was able to be obtained. This matter is still under investigation.

7:53 PM – report of a possibly impaired driver in a white Honda Civic. The caller advised the vehicle parked at a location on the 100 block of North Service Road E. Once parked two occupants got out of the vehicle and were holding cans of what appeared to be beer and then entered the location. The caller was able identify who the vehicle driver was however, wanted to remain anonymous. The vehicle never moved from it’s location when police conducted further checks on it throughout the evening.

8:20 PM – while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a red Dodge Journey for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s licence.

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