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Pastor: Christianity is on retreat

Posted on 29 December 2023 by Prairie Post


To whom it may concern,

With all due respect and the best of intent to friends north and south of the border, we ask this time of year, where is your ‘Spirit of Christmas’? How has our once ‘Christian’ society fallen so far into secular instability and lack of the leadership that our 2 great nations were once known for?

There was a time when North America came to the rescue of the oppressed and defended moral values against tyranny, oppression and atheism during 2 World Wars; yes, the Western world, as led by Britain and her Allies were looked up to as defenders of freedom.

Now the liberal views, though not in any way the freedom men died for to preserve, propounded by a vocal majority, have taken our socirty hostage and the lack of courage and conviction from the highest  offices on down, allow for the world to see this once heroic continent as spineless and without direction. Ask any war veteran and they will tell you: ‘this was not the way of life I risked mine to defend’.

What has happened?

The simple answer which no ones wants to hear is that Christianity has retreated on every level.

Imagine the woke world we here in Canada and the US live in, re – live our history, combatting the evils of Naziism?!

The misgendered society of atheistic values and weak spirituality would have been laughed at and crushed by a regime set on conquering the world.

 Now history repeats itself as everywhere the barbarians are at the gates.

And where are those once esteemed values which Church leadership once promoted?

Gone are the days of real men and morality; true Christian ethics and finding in Jesus a guide and example of decency, morality and spiritual living, appear to be lost in ancient history. Christ was indeed a real man who loved his people, his fellow man, who taught self sacrifice and loyalty, all in the face of hypocrites and false religion. His detractors are still unfortunately with us, mocking the genuinely lived  and sincerely preached message of the Gospel, revealing God’s coming Kingdom on earth.

 His was a standard most of this trivially minded world wouldn’t dare attempt to uphold. 

And where are the Christians nowadays? Do they hide behind political correctness while the ideals of the Bible are mocked and slandered?

Woe to the detractors of decency, immersed in their sensuous immoral lifestyles, who mock his name.

Shame on those who deride this time of year’s remembrance of the birth of God’s only begotten Son, turning it into a pagan celebration of commercialism and debauchery.

Shame on the butchers of God’s people who slaughtered innocents in their beds.

And yes, shame on the country’s ‘Christians’ who do nothing to stand up for the cause of righteousness in their own neighbourhoods.

The Bible tells us of a time so corrupt, that it is likened to the days of Noah and the era of Sodom and Gomorrah.

And while the non believers dance on their graves, a minority in faith will be rescued from the coming calamity.

Christ came to rescue sinners and it is still not too late to repent.

The prophecies of Russia’s military might and her soon attack upon Israel with her Turkish and Iranian allies are soon to come to pass.

(Ezekiel Chapter 38)

And only her Messiah can save her. And us.

Whose side will You be on?

At this special time of year, may the true spirit of Christmas fill with peace those hearts with whom He is well pleased.


Simon Shepherd,

Lay Pastor

Toronto, Canada

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