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Trudeau just like his father in cabinet shuffle

Posted on 15 August 2023 by Ryan Dahlman


   Why is the business of Canada being run like a poor version of a Mickey Mouse cartoon? 

Most likely because PaPa Trudeau’s son, Dear   Justin is following in his father’s footsteps. Notoriously conceited, arrogant, eccentric and malicious, definitely a chip off of the old block. 

  Always a middle finger dose of tyranny for anything West of Ontario. Still of the mind that the West is simply a cash cow to be milked to maintain all power in Ontario and Quebec while propping up the Atlantic provinces.

  A constant flow of token handouts to assuage the plundering of everything from Manitoba to Vancouver is a chronic exercise. It is executed with half truths, outright lies and frightening traumatic threats to keep the Western peons in line.

   Hypocrisy and complacency rule the day and it’s all held together by a floundering federal government propped up by a desperate NDP opposition to keep it afloat! The bottom line for this Travesty; stay in power at all costs to the Canadian people they represent as they blunder on!

   PaPa Pierre had no time for a balanced budget and Justin says it will balance itself. Deficits while throwing billions of dollars in any direction where he can get a photo op are standard operating procedure. 

   Almost always without any forethought of the consequences or ballooning costs for his unplanned escapades.

   The very sad disturbing issue is that the mishandling of his brain farts by inept ministers are only embarrassingly covered up by moving one after the other around in cabinet shuffles.   

  There, they continue to spend more time trying to cover up their screw ups than to accomplish anything meaningful for their portfolio. That while barely able to grasp the necessities of one job before being plunged into another. Mostly selected on their chances to secure their seats in Ontario or

    Quebec for the Liberals in the next election.

If only some of the wasted billions could be spent paying down Trudeau’s exploding deficit! The pain continues for Canadians without jobs, housing and medical attention. Criminal Justice Reform, a decimated Armed Forces, inflation, immigrants living in the street and overwhelmed food banks abound. Little hope that screwed up procurement will be even slightly corrected.

   Solving a small port dispute in Quebec in one day while causing billions of dollars to be lost in B.C. ports perfectly demonstrates Trudeau’s lack of care about the West. Vain efforts to pretend that a cabinet shuffle would make any difference to the shambles he governs leaves most Canadians ashamed of his efforts.   

   Dumping four ministers that most depicted his terrible management skills was too little, too late! 

   His smoke and mirrors cabinet shuffle came on like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! Only a dozen ministers with the talents of the likes of Anita Annan could have given Trudeau any credibility! And there is nothing the eleven million or 30% of Canada’s population in the West can do about it!

Dale Ferrel, Leduc, AB

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