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Canada is a carbon sink so we shouldn’t be paying a tax on it

Posted on 11 May 2023 by Prairie Post


It’s true that there were vehicles back in the 1980’s and 1990’s that made better mileage. 

My parents had a Geo that also made 60+ miles per gallon. But like all good things it was discontinued as well. 

My letter was dealing with the so-called modern vehicles.  When the so called new laws came in during the 1970s-1980s, cars were supposed to get better mileage. That didn’t happen and now we have carbon tax. 

This is a carbon tax on a country that has 990 million acres of trees. Each acre takes out 2.246 tonnes of carbon out of the air each year. 

If you believe the science, we have about 160 million acres of wetlands that also take carbon from the air but some acres release methane.

Then there are 170 million acres approximately of farm land also taking out carbon from the air.  

We are a net carbon sink as through industry and domestic use we only produce 880 million tonnes of carbon per yet so why are we paying a carbon tax? The world should pay us!

I got these figures from an article from four years ago.  

And I agree the more complicated things are the easier it is to plug up the works! 

One thing though – how are people who have lower incomes going to be able to afford the new hybrid cars and trucks? They are expensive.

With the government saying we should be hybrid electric by 2030-2035, no one but the real rich are going to afford the new vehicles. 

Dale. E. Finley 


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