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Poilievre platform based on notion that many Canadians are gullible

Posted on 22 June 2022 by Prairie Post


After listening to Mr. Poilievre during the debate and reading more about his platform it appears that he is trying to take a page from the U.S. Republican party’s game plan and sow dissent where there is none, or cause disaffection solely for political gain. 

This strategy is more about whipping up a base, similar to herding cattle, and assumes you can implant a divisive mind set among a sympathetic portion of the electorate who really can’t grasp or don’t care enough about real problems or solutions.  It smacks of condescension and is based on the notion that many of the Canadian electorate are as gullible and malleable as their southern counterparts. I think however that he has drastically underestimated the intelligence of Canadians, which will be his undoing. 

This election is not about artificially creating a fire storm so one can appear to be a savior. It is about real and serious issues that need dedicated well thought out strategies and less about fabricating boogie men.  

Peter Burns


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