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Convoy protestors are simply victims of misinformation

Posted on 29 March 2022 by Prairie Post


I don’t think we should be too hard on the truckers and many others for their behaviour. In my opinion they’re simply victims of the propaganda hijacking the minds of many people throughout the world

I bought a plant for my home , a beautiful large banana plant for my living room window – just what I wanted – and being on sale , it made it just that much easier to bite the apple.

It was in the plant section where all the real potted plants are, but this one really stood out – I got it home and wondered how to water it. Then I thought, well, maybe I should read the tag. The first words I saw were ‘weather resistant.’ Lifelike petals and trunk! Yep it was a phony! But very cleverly done – I was duped, but learned a good innocent lesson. Just because something seems real, it don’t mean it is!

Several months ago a well meaning person in a coffee shop told me if I took the Pfizer vaccine I’d be dead within a year. Well my year is up and I’m still here – and I’m sure it’s the same for millions of others that got vaccinated a year ago.

So does that make the person a liar? Maybe they’re a victim of someone who lied to them. Could it be a wolf in sheep’s clothing preaching a political gospel for itchy ears? Maybe it’s some kind of money making program on the internet. Looking for followers to help fund their newly created mission.

It seems lots of groups say and do some strange extreme radical things to win people over to their cause. I even heard they warn you not to watch the normal regular news, but instead just watch us! But yet they seem to know all about the normal news when they send out their little stories.

In the late 1700s, people were led to believe the tomato was poison, and to eat one you would surely die, but the false belief was cleared up – now we all can eat tomatoes!

As a visitor left the house the other day she said, “I love your new plant, it looks very healthy.” Well I decided to keep it after all, it’s just a plant. I’ll call it my wisdom plant.

Matthew 24:11 like the bible says:

And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

If we can get free from our false beliefs, then we will truly be free.

Russell Scherer

Medicine Hat

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