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Politicians have ‘dropped the ball’ with handling pandemic

Posted on 9 February 2022 by Prairie Post


Regardless of what side of the debate we fall on, we all have every right to be angry over how this pandemic has been handled. The question is, who should we be mad at? 

Trudeau deserves scrutiny and criticism. The Liberal Party tried to put all responsibility onto provincial governments knowing full well many of them would mishandle things. At the end of the day, the majority of the failures belong to our Provincial Government.

Through the entire pandemic Scott Moe and the Sask Party have dropped the ball. Not a single government MLA stepped up and took decisive action to save Saskatchewan lives or limit the impact on our day-to-day activities. They have admitted that they should have acted more quickly and decisively whenever cases started to rise. There were many things that should have been done to ensure the normalcy in our lives remained, all while protecting the vulnerable. Here are three things that should have been done at the very beginning of all of this:

  1. Paid sick days to make it easy for people to stay home when sick or with a sick family member.
  2. Clearly communicated thresholds for each type of restriction. ex) At x number of hospitalizations, masking is implemented. X number of ICU admissions, gathering limits and work from home where possible.
  3. Funding for municipalities, businesses, and homeowners to test and improve air quality/ventilation.

The interesting part is, we could still do all these things! Instead our government will continue to jump on social media to announce changes to everyones’ lives with no warning or preparation. Continuing their completely irresponsible behavior that has led to a mistrust of any measures at all. 

Real leaders would have created specific plans, communicated them effectively, and acted decisively so we all could safely and comfortably navigate a difficult time. It was Scott Moe and the SaskParty’s half measures and weak leadership that caused most of the harm we have seen to date, and most of the harm we will see going forward. 

My message through all of this is this: Don’t be mad at the unvaccinated. Don’t be angry at a piece of cloth on your face. Be furious that we have ineffective men who don’t deserve the power they’ve been given running our province.


Stefan Rumpel

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