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What’s at stake if we vaccinate?

Posted on 24 December 2021 by Ryan Dahlman


You love your children, right? Of course! We all do. We want whatever is in their best interest. We want them to have the best life possible and dedicate endless amounts of our time, energy, and resources to set them up for a fulfilled, happy, and successful life and future. We also want them to be healthy, and therein lies a challenge. The Covid-19 vaccine has recently been authorized for children aged 5-11. Countless doctors, health, and government officials urge all children to get vaccinated, regardless of their health status.  How often have we heard, “the vaccine is safe and effective”? However, there are a few things to consider before making an “informed” decision regarding whether or not we vaccinate our children. 

The study for the Pfizer vaccine was conducted with less than 2800 children, and lasted a meagre two-months. Many researchers argue that Covid-19 is not a childhood disease. The risk of death from Covid in 0-18-year-olds is .002% (F#1) while the Government of Canada website associates serious adverse reaction with .011% of Covid-19 immunizations (F#2). 

The Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP), an FDA advisory committee armed with the above information, set out to determine whether vaccines should be rolled out for our children.  Eric Rubin, a member of ACIP, suggested the FDA authorize the use of the vaccine in children because “we are never going to learn how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.”(F#1)  Many fact-checking sites have tried to explain that this quote is taken out of context. However, the truth of what he said remains; before knowing all of the risks, this advisory committee has suggested our children be used as guinea pigs for the greater good. 

At the Global Covid Summit, doctors urged the public not to vaccinate children against Covid-19 because the vaccines are more harmful than beneficial. One doctor shared that adverse reactions such as myocarditis caused by the Covid vaccine are four to seven times higher than the chance of being hospitalized with Covid.(F#3)  Myocarditis is a serious health issue. It carries a long-term risk of heart failure.(F#4) Patients with myocarditis require restricted exercise for life and medication for several months after recovery. Compare this to the fact that children have innate immunity to Covid-19 and that those who recover from Covid-19 have natural immunity, as noted in a peer-reviewed report from the University of Fribourg.(F#5)

As of November 1, there have been a total of 3 deaths in Saskatchewan in the 19-and-under age group from Covid-19 . (F#6) While these deaths are tragic, it is troubling that the government believes that such a small risk of death warrants vaccination uptake in school-aged children. As noted, the Covid-19 vaccines continue to be experimental; why risk vaccinating healthy children with an ill-tested vaccine against a virus which does not pose a significant risk? A list of adverse reactions are listed on the Government of Canada website https://health-infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/vaccine-safety/. 

Since the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms stands to protect every individual – and supersedes everything else – governments, health officials and educational institutions stand in violation of this Charter, they must demonstrably justify the violations of the rights and freedoms of these children.

In closing, we would like to note that the Freedom Patriots Sask group, alone, has mailed out well over 2000 letters to our elected and public officials and will continue to do so, asking direct questions for our concerns and looking for scientific answers.  While we have received some generic responses, not a single person has answered a single question directly. 

All references for this article can be accessed via the online publication for this newspaper.  



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Freedom Patriots Sask

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