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Restoring transparency and accountability in federal government

Posted on 4 March 2024 by adminis

By Glen Motz

Ethical breaches, untendered contracts to well-connected insiders, and sealed or deleted documents to hide paper trails, are just a few of the sleazy methods the Trudeau Liberals use to circumvent transparency and accountability.  Their abuse of power has led to allegations of fraud and corruption as they continue to misappropriate billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.  It seems like every time one scandal is uncovered, another is revealed.   

To refresh memories with just a few examples, there was the $1-billion Green Slush Fund where the Liberals gave grants to start-ups with direct ties to their senior management and made payments inconsistent with program requirements. Or the unrestricted $250-million given to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.  Then there was SNC Lavalin, where the prime minister was directly involved in trying to protect a corrupt liberal-friendly corporation and was found guilty of breaking Canada’s ethics laws.  Let’s not forget the We Charity scandal where Trudeau approved a $900-million grant to personal friends.  The latest is ArriveScam, with its current $60-million fraud and corruption scandal. The Liberal/NDP coalition is adding to mounting public distrust by continually obstructing Conservative efforts to further investigate these scandals.  It’s time to remove this cabal from office by voting them out!

Conservatives, under the leadership of Pierre Poilievre, are committed to restoring transparency and accountability in government, boosting public trust which is foundational to a healthy democracy. Transparency allows citizens to access information effectively, leading to more informed public discourse and engagement in the political process. When government decision-making processes and information used to make those decisions are openly available, it reduces the opportunity for corruption and misuse of power. Increased transparency ensures that policymakers act in the public interest. Improved accountability leads to better policy.

A transparent government under Poilievre will set a new standard for governance, ultimately strengthening the fabric of Canadian democracy, and enhancing Canada’s reputation on the world stage.
Effective accountability measures translate into a government that better reflects the needs of Canadians.  It is understandable for Canadians to want this, given that accountability is often at the heart of public trust, which leads to a more responsible government. A Poilievre government will emphasize integrity, promote a culture of openness, and place a high value on accountability.  This kind of government invites its citizens to be part of the decision-making process.
Public procurement processes will also be overhauled to ensure that money is being spent on the goods and services Canadians need and not on high-priced consultants and insiders.  Just last week Poilievre included a defence procurement overhaul as part of his plan to restore our Armed Forces. 
With Pierre Poilievre as Canada’s next prime minister, the principles of transparency and accountability will elevate the standards and public expectations for members of Parliament and public servants, something long overdue given the pattern of the current government over the last eight years. 

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