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Please remember to be safe in all facets at Christmas-time

Posted on 29 November 2022 by Ryan Dahlman

By Ryan Dahlman

When we all thought 2019-2021 were tough years and were looking forward to 2022, well, it hasn’t been the smoothest of years either. 

At least there has been some relief from the Covid-19 restrictions but no matter where you sit on the issue Alberta Health Services are indicated Albertan are still passing due to complications due to Covid (over 40 last week). 

That being said it is getting better and like a child in a toy store or a dog which hasn’t been allowed to run in wide open spaces for a long time, people are just bursting to run out and get their pent up frustrations, excitedness and wanting to do something fun for Christmas all out at once.

Without trying to sound like a wet blanket, this is all fun and we do have reasons to celebrate but we need to ensure that we take a collective breath and ensure we don’t go overboard. Yes, we have to watch we don’t overindulge in the amount of food we partake in — we have to maintain our health; we don’t spend too much on gifts or lavish vacation — we have to maintain our financial health and we cannot overindulge in artificial joy. That means staying away from impaired driving. 

Law enforcement across Alberta will be extra diligent during this time of year as Christmas parties, gatherings and functions make their comebacks.

Figure out a way to get home safely. Unlike their urban counterparts, those in the rural areas generally don’t have cab services so we have to look after each other. If you go to a party alone, don’t drink. Simple. If you go with friends, have a designated driver or stay overnight at the ‘party place.’

While it is important to not go overboard just because there has been a long delay between Christmas functions and traditions, do temper it with a sober second thought: do I/we really need this, can I get home safely, what is the long term effect if I…”

Sounds like Scrooge but we need to remember the real reason for the season. Stay safe friends.

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