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Albertans’ faith continues to be tested as Faith is being tested

Posted on 7 April 2021

There is something to be said about creating an environment of trust or giving hope to people. Or not.Sadly with the pandemic, Alberta is growing,… Read More »

With Covid: sometimes you’re the rock and sometimes you’re the shattered windshield

Posted on 23 March 2021

Growing up, I had a friend who had an interesting perspective on getting cracked windshields on gravel roads in rural Saskatchewan. He said the best… Read More »

Covid-19 not the root cause of all that ails us

Posted on 10 March 2021

There is no doubt Covid-19 has hurt us all all in some manner. For some, we have tragically lost a family member or friend and for… Read More »

GraceLife Church not practising all Christian ideals

Posted on 24 February 2021

Religion is a subjective thing. Because a variety of religious doctrines are all different, conflict arises. Today, many feel persecuted by other religions, government and… Read More »

No one is appreciative of $1,200 anymore

Posted on 16 February 2021

By Ryan Dahlman Want to know the ramifications of being interpreted as callous, cold and non-appreciative of the ordinary and extraordinary non-business people who make a… Read More »

Cool kids conservative club getting smaller

Posted on 9 February 2021

Notice how Albertans haven't heard much from the NDP and Rachel Notley lately? You don't hear anything else from the other opposition parties because they… Read More »

Rightly or wrongly, Alberta residents are started to fight back

Posted on 2 February 2021

People are suffering across Canada. Pick a province and everyone has some hurting happening, much of it due to the havoc Covid-19 has been wreaking… Read More »

Literacy at a critical moment in time

Posted on 27 January 2021

I talked to a colleague once about literacy and he said within five years, the English language will cease to exist as we know it. FWIW.… Read More »

Coal mining turning into a pit of disaster in so many ways

Posted on 20 January 2021

Coal mining has been a consistent energy source for hundreds of years: whether fueling something as small as a house stove, to trains to multi-million… Read More »

Helping manage anxiety after loss

Posted on 20 January 2021

Loss is difficult--even more so during a pandemic.Worry and anxiety can develop after a major loss. Anxiety is a general feeling of tenseness or uneasiness.… Read More »

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