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Getting schooled: teachers, students and parents have a lot to read 

Posted on 7 September 2022

By Ryan Dahlman Last week there was the sounds of screaming and yelling at schools as the 2022-23 new school year started in Alberta. However,… Read More »

Are the conspiracy theorists right About Planet X?

Posted on 2 September 2022

Back in May 2019, I did a story “Sundogs prove Planet X is Fake News” basically debunking allegations of its existence. Well in recent… Read More »

Smith wanting to steer the UCP into a hard right turn

Posted on 27 July 2022

Danielle Smith is making waves in the United Conservative Party leadership race. Maybe not tidal waves but a lot of big ones, lots of them.… Read More »

Homelessness and the spiralling trend this summer

Posted on 13 July 2022

By Ryan Dahlman When you say the phrase homeless people, it often brings feelings of uncertainty, uncomfortableness, disdain and sometime disgust. They are a thorn… Read More »

Canada Day will be celebrated more (or less)

Posted on 29 June 2022

By Ryan Dahlman Remember last year and many didn’t want to celebrate Canada Day? There was a lot of anger towards the federal government for… Read More »

Large C or small C, conservative parties have interesting leadership races

Posted on 22 June 2022

By Ryan Dahlman Whether you are a fan or not of both the federal Conservative party of Canada or the United Conservative Party of Alberta,… Read More »

Health Canada wants to do what?!

Posted on 15 June 2022

Generally when people support teams and movement they respect and like, they often have stickers, flags and vehicle banners indicating those positive feelings. If you… Read More »

Kenney couldn’t help himself by criticizing decriminalizing plan

Posted on 8 June 2022

If anyone doubted the fact that Premier Jason Kenney, and soon to be stepping down as leader of the not-so United Conservative Party, won’t go… Read More »

Supreme Court decision could have reprocussions on victims of serious crimes

Posted on 18 May 2022

Sometimes as a country, we overthink everything, and when I say we, I mean the Supreme of Court of Canada. In a world where it… Read More »

Mental Health Week: needing empathy has never been more important in SE Alta

Posted on 4 May 2022

In Canada, we are coming out of a pandemic which damaged our collective mental health for a variety of reasons. The economic damage done is… Read More »

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