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Town of Coaldale seeks public input on new Wayfinding Pilot Program

Posted on 9 February 2021 by Contributed
Town seeking input

The Town of Coaldale announced Phase 1 of the Wayfinding Pilot Program has been completed and is now entering the public engagement phase. The Wayfinding Program was introduced alongside the Phase 1 of the pathways network expansion project which was completed in late 2020. The business directory signs along 20th Ave were later included in the pilot program to complement the Main Street revitalization project. 

The Wayfinding Program is the implementation of directional and informational signage designed to ease navigation and enhance the experience of a physical space, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. The project was introduced to support community wellbeing by encouraging more residents and visitors to walk, run or cycle around town. 

“Signage that outlines the distances, time and points of accessibility often encourage residents and visitors to take advantage of their physical environment as a means to get around because they’re able to visualize their journey more readily,” said Melanie Messier, Planning Intern at the Town of Coaldale. “The new wayfinding signs are intended to identify safe and accessible routes for those using pathways and sidewalks and empower a sense of exploration within our own community.” 

In this phase of the Wayfinding Program, the signs are designed to be temporary, allowing a period for the public to submit their feedback on the design and placement of the signs before permanent ones are installed. The engagement process will also provide opportunities for users to identify gaps in the pathway network and make suggestions as to where they want to see pathways installed in the future to improve connectivity. Opportunities will take place in the form of many different options as outlined in a public participation plan approved by Town Council at the February 8, 2021 Regular Council Meeting. 

“The temporary signs are a cost-effective method to introducing a value-added amenity to the community,” said Messier. “The engagement period will ensure that the signs can 

be adjusted to fit the needs of the community and identify where we can expand our pathway network to accommodate everyone from seniors to youth groups.” 

The engagement process will take place other the course of several months to ensure that users can experience the wayfinding signage over different seasons. The Wayfinding Program survey can be found on the project webpage at

Town seeking input

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