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Reader interested in collecting many older area yearbooks

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Long interested in southern Alberta history, 10 years ago I digitized my school and college yearbooks and put them online to share with those who had lost theirs over the years. People from around the world responded and I soon had others offering to donate to the collection.
A decade later, I had 123 yearbooks with up to 1,000 page views a month.
Since I am now in my eighties, I decided it was time to give up the scanning, but with encouragement from local Facebook groups, the University of Lethbridge has offered to take over the project. I will be in charge of collecting for the university and the books can be dropped off at my home at 720 12 St. S., Lethbridge.
To date the collection contains donations from the 1920s to the present, but unfortunately, only a few institutions seem to know about the project.
For my contribution to Canada’s 150th anniversary, I hope to expand this collection. My guess is there are at least 150 old yearbooks gathering dust in basements and attics throughout the south that would thrill former residents living far away from their old hometown.
Why don’t you go check out the old trunk? Maybe you’ll find memories you would be willing to share.
To find out if your treasure is already in the collection, “Google” University of Lethbridge Digitized Collections.
Bruce Haig, Lethbridge

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