Wednesday, 22 February 2017 08:47

Letter to Editor Re: BILL 6 a mistake

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MLA Schneider asserts implementing Bill 6 was a "hurried and non-consultation process".
Mr. Schneider as a new-comer to Alberta politics apparently is unaware of the years of consultations with farmers and ranchers that have taken place. He also seems unaware that the ND government continued the consulting with the agriculture sector within days of being elected. While Mr. Schneider was engaged elsewhere, the ag sector has been engaged for many years with the previous government and now with this one.
Perhaps Mr. Schneider was busy settling into his new role an MLA when it was discussed on the floor of the House, that there is no substitute for WCB in the private sectors. He also missed, employers can buy "wrap-around" insurance so as to not buy redundant coverage to WCB.
I'd like to think, as Alberta's official opposition, with all the extra money and resources that they receive from government, their ag critic would be up to speed on this file. I would be pleased to help Mr. Schneider and his colleagues at the Wildrose to understand the issue.
It is clear from Mr Schneider's letter there remains much misunderstanding and confusion surrounding the implementation of Bill 6.

Eric Musekamp
Box 411, Bow Island

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