The bottom-line action of Keynesian theory of economics states when you have an economy which is stagnating or stalled, has high unemployment, for the short term, create government projects and spend your way out of it with more social programs, more work projects etc. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016 14:52

An open letter from Southwest Sask. Pride

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Orlando, my heart is breaking.

When I was 15, the last play of my minor sports career was me getting decked by a taller hockey player who knocked me out cold after I tried to run him over the boards in my small town rink in Saskatchewan.

Somewhere, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has to be smiling, at least a little bit.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 15:47

Premier Brad Wall not yet ready to leap

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Last week’s throne speech to start the first session of the 28th Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan was for the most part without any surprises, but with one puzzling exception.

Forget the Bandits hockey team and their national championship run being the feel good story for the small Alberta city of Brooks so far for 2016.

In watching the terrifying images coming from Fort McMurray Tuesday night, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see people flee their homes, businesses and, in reality, their lives.

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