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Natural gas equipment safety reminder

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SaskEnergy is asking customers to check for snow and ice buildup on natural gas equipment at homes, businesses and schools across the province. With the current warm temperatures, melting snow and ice can freeze on to natural gas meters and rooftop heating equipment overnight.

SaskEnergy’s natural gas equipment is designed to safely operate in Saskatchewan winters.  However, ice build-up may affect the safe operation of the natural gas meter, or cause damage to above ground equipment.

SaskEnergy recently responded to two incidents caused by snow and ice buildup in southern Saskatchewan:  rooftop heating equipment at a local school was damaged due to the weight of built up ice and snow; and a business had its large commercial natural gas meter damaged when a large chunk of ice fell from the roof.

SaskEnergy has the following winter safety tips:
·        Keep the meter (including regulator and shut-off valve) and rooftop equipment free of snow and ice. Heavy amounts of snow or ice caused from sleet, freezing rain or leaking eavestrough can damage meter fittings and pipes.
·        Remove any built-up snow by hand only – do not use a sharp instrument to scrape or chip off the ice or snow. Do not hit or kick the meter to break the ice or remove the snow build-up.
·        Do not use a snow-plow or snow-blower near your meter.  Make sure you know where your gas meter is located before you start your snow removal.  

Each winter, SaskEnergy responds to gas leaks caused by damage to meters which occur during snow removal, damage to meters and equipment due to heavy snow or ice buildup, and ice build-up affecting the operation of the natural gas regulator.  This is a safety design feature which prevents pressure from building up on gas supply lines inside a facility.

If you have any concerns about your external natural gas equipment, please contact SaskEnergy at 1-888-7000-GAS (427).

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