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College Corner

Shelby LeBel felt like she was on a popular television show a while ago.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 14:39

MHC makes program changes

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The Medicine Hat College’s suspension of four programs is not so much a cost-saving measure in the traditional sense, but more of a move towards allocating resources to more popular programs and down the road, looking at changes in the job market.

When David Petis decided to take the position of the Medicine Hat College’s  vice-president, advancement and community relations leaving his role at Brock University as vice-president, university advancement, he did his homework.

Mother Nature thought it was playing an April Fool’s joke on Jennifer Fleckenstein, student recruiter for the Medicine Hat College April 1.

By definition the term “merge” is to combine to form a single entity.

Fox Valley’s Joy Glass had a unique childhood.

A weekend trip to Kelowna sounds like a relaxing time to a college student.

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