On April 10, the tabled Sask. provincial budget kept library funding at the same amount as last year’s reinstated funding.

The Weather Network and the Alberta Emergency Network issued alerts for flooding...

Residents are invited to attend a public meeting on April 18 hosted by the Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council.

The following is a synopsis of calls for service by the Swift Current RCMP for the dates indicated:

The State of Local Emergency remains in Lethbridge County due to overland flooding. Flows have slowed in some areas throughout the day but there is still localized flooding throughout Lethbridge County. Crews will continue monitoring flooding overnight.

Lethbridge College piloted a new event this April, where alumnis were brought in to give advice to current indigenous students on self care and the importance of mental health while they complete their studies as finals loom just around the corner.

Hoping to reduce the stigma, increase education on life-saving resources and invest in projects that raise awareness on the glaring issue of the province’s current opioid crisis; The Government of Alberta is investing $1.4 million into 29 different projects across the province this year.

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