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Gasoline pricing makes no sense to consumers

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How often have we heard over the years our governments are investigating possible collusion in the setting of gas prices at the pumps.

In the past few months,we have seen the price of a barrel of oil drop by about $20.
At the same time,we hear on just about a daily basis,how the economy is better because of the drop in gas prices. The price at our pumps in the Swift Current area has dropped a mere four cents per litre in that time period.
This all happening in our premier’s riding, while he seems concerned with the need for prices to rise to help OPEC. I hope OPEC considers voting in the next election.
Why would any government want oil prices to drop when they are all benefitting from this? We also have an excited minister from oil-rich Kindersley to consider.
Also,where is Dan McTague,the Liberal who was so closely monitoring all this and who said many times that a rule of thumb should be for every drop of one dollar per barrel, the pump price should drop by one cent — not a word.
Why would any government watch for collusion of oil companies,when they themselves benefit from it?
Another point of interest — the pump price in Moose Jaw and Caronport have been at $1.19 for some time.
What does this say about our Swift Current businesses and where is the gentleman who used to frequent the radio station explaining why the pump prices had to go up immediately following the price rise per barrel, but never once saying why it never happened in the reverse.
I guess as long as the top one per cent are OK, to hell with the rest, eh?
Steve MacInnis, Morse, Sask.

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