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Summer in Swift Current will be tougher

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Summer brings us in Saskatchewan a time to sit relax and travel and enjoy summer with friends and family.
Though this year there will be hard to relax. Recently we had the SaskParty increase our taxes and cut social programs.
Now businesses especially in Swift Current and region are suffering due to the increase in taxes.
Less money for customers means less money in our communities.
Less money means less jobs less things for our families and less enjoying time with friends and family.
Less money for social programs means our society as a whole suffers
If we knew the SaskParty was actually going to save money during the good times or use the tax increases to help social programs it would be ok. Instead the SaskParty simply keeps putting money into the debt they created
So when you look at why businesses are suffering why our great city has increased taxes why funding for social programs has been slashed you really need to look no further than the SaskParty.
Shaynee Modien, Swift Current

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