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Swift Current administration needs to justify budget

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Our administration is a closed door operation with an army of managers. We never hear a word as taxpayers until the subject is passed by council.
I can't understand that council just seems to rubber stamp their decisions. We never here that an alderman questioned same or voted against it or even sending it back for changes.
Is city council under the same path as administration? We vote in Council to represent us as taxpayers in our best interest. Council is supposed to oversee administration actions and it is time council does a complete audit of same.
We the taxpayers pay their salaries and it is their responsibility to advise us of plans (especially Capital expendituresother than musts) so they can be discussed and have a say before implementing and voted on.
Administation think thet have a mint handy and just spend now (much wasteful) with no consideration (plus the many boner decisions in the earlier years) of planning now and in the future.
We have a huge deficit and I am sure that many of  these projects dreams and non essential spending can be planned for later after we get our huge deficit in order
Administration just proposed our new budget with a 13.14% increase after last years huge increse. A 6.4% increase is lhe largest of our neighbors to the east (Yorkton, Regina and Moose Jaw).
How can our administration even justify 13.14%?
The only good thing about this budget is to lessen debt by $3.5 million. What is ironic about this is they found $4 million to loan? (gift) to a private club for cosmetic work in 2016  How arms free was their decision as well as the vote by council? The other ironic part of this decision was forgiving $60,000  on city land we are selling for lots (UNBELIEVABLE). Just put us in another increase of $ 1/2 million on our debt.
Last year we had reassessment. My assessment nearly doubled which was completely insane. Was assured by city hall staff and your brouchure that this was only a figure and rates would be adjusted accordingly. What a bunch of malarkey. They stated an assessment of $250, 000 would mean an increase of $10.83 per month. How come with my inflated assaessment of $142,320 my tax increased by $20.81 per month compounded by an increase of 55% education. They stated the average increase would be $6 plus per month.
What huge shock will our 2018 bill have in store this year?
In closing to show their lack of communication street cleaning was done on 6th NE end of April by the cemetary. The next day parks dept. were blowing gravel, sand and dead grass onto the street!!
This proves the left hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.
OG Daniels, Swift Current

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