Thursday, 08 February 2018 09:27

To all the MLAs and MPs...

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Understand Sweden incinerates all garbage. We created many tons of garbage daily. They even import same from other countries.
They generate electricity form this process. I don't know how much electricity this generates, but any amount would help our environment. Same would be great for our landfills and reduce our carbon emissions. Would be a great win, win for all. Have our governments investigated into this process?
Minimum wage increase
This was much needed and will help many who can retain their current hours.
Regrettably, the majority of these employees will have their hours reduced or even laid off so will have them far worse off. Really noticeable in the fast food industry.
To add insult to injury many places are raising their prices to offset this increase when in fact some payrolls may be reduced. Then we hear of actions taken at a fast food chain in Ontario pulling their antics, the outcome of this will affect much of the population.
Thank you,
OG Daniels- Swift Current

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