Thursday, 09 November 2017 06:29

Tourist centre upgrade in Medicine Hat would be a productive move

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Rather than pin hopes on an elusive and finite resource (project helium), I suggest city council building on an existing renewable resource would be more productive — tourism. In short, expanding the Tourist Centre is in need of council’s attention.
I suggest council send a delegation to visit Grande Cache Tourist and Interpretive Centre, supported by the community of about 3,500. Yes, a trip to Grande Cache is a long one but the City of Medicine Hat has a long way to go to bring its tourist centre up to a level tourists and community expect today. To be clear, it is not the service I speak of; it is the limitation of space in which to adequately market the city.
I have suggested expanding the Tourist Centre — providing a positive suggestion to that end. In regards to change … sometimes it takes a while to see the obvious.
Bill R. Thompson, Medicine Hat

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