Wednesday, 04 January 2017 13:25

Provincial cheques, maybe, not for sure, anticipated, soon, close

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Here is a Christmas season riddle: How many times will Sister Rachel Notley and her very well-paid band of politicians announce yet again that ranchers will soon get some money. I will give you a clue: more than three and so far less than 10.
Two politicians blow into town, glad-hand the unwashed masses and then split. Anyone notice neither of them had their hands outside their pockets yet they flew, ate and stayed in hotels, not the back seat of their vehicles or ate at inexpensive diners. Sister Rachel already has $16-million-plus from the feds, but just like Robin Hood and the sheriff both are loathe to let it go.
Then there are our city fathers who are maybe selling uneconomical wells to unknown parties, but we cannot know for how much as it is “common policy to not declare such sums” even though it is the city keeping mum on the issue.
They also hired five, I am sure, more than inexpensive experts to advise them, with yet again no mention of the cost. If we need outside experts, why do we have management as well? Maybe the experts can help us unload the Manyberries fleld.
Then just to add to the dark side of Christmas our city fathers again have emulated Scrooge by warning the folks at REDI we are going to hire outsiders to do the recycle after Christmas.
Bah Humbug.
Ian Parkinson, Medicine Hat Alta.

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