Thursday, 03 May 2018 09:25

Supercilious omniscient emperical thoughts

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Yes, I am scornful, infinitely aware and relying on my observations and experience regarding the perverse arrogance by those in power.


To quote the world’s best known philosopher, Plato, “Time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions. Refrain, therefore, awhile from setting yourself up as a judge of the highest matters.”

This is definitely not one of those times to refrain.
Item One: The cancellation of the TransCanada, Energy East Pipeline. Trudeau stiffened the criteria for allowing it to proceed while pretending to virtuously care that it mattered to him. He may have pleased the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre who has been an albatross to Canadian society for his entire political career. He lost any credibility with almost all of the rest of Canadians.
Labour, business, manufacturing, industry and almost all provincial and about 200 municipal governments are never going to grant him an ounce of absolution for his frivolous actions. One million barrels of oil a day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to New Brunswick refineries or a proposed Quebec port will not happen.
The construction of 1,500  kms. of new line extending a 3,000 km. network will not happen. Thousands of jobs throughout Canada lost. Billions of dollars in investment and production, lost. No hope of reconciliation. Trudeau’s flaunting his  lack of fortitude will cost him dearly the next time voters go to the polls!
Item Two: Trudeau has a knack for forgetting the rest of Canada while trying to buy votes in Quebec. Bombardier, is a terribly-managed ,family-owned aerospace business has been on the verge of failing since its inception. No one in their right mind could somehow justify, in any way the Fed’s and Quebec government’s continuously, uniquely, persevering the wasting of billions of our tax dollars for decades.
 It took a reality checks from aerospace industries  Boeing in the U.S.A and Embraer in Brazil to reveal the Canadian’s con games.  Brazil has taken their cause to the World trade Organization and Canada’s unfair subsidization will be found out there. Bombardier’s more than 25 government cash injections for more than $3 billion U.S.  will not go un-noticed.
The U.S. Commerce department slapped a 220% duty on hundreds of Bombardier’s C-400 planes sold to Delta Airlines at well below production costs. Trudeau and his bone-headed advisors are unbelievably out of touch with the majority of their supporters and the rest of the world!
Item Three; Trudeau’s ill planned tax on the middle class “to help the middle class” is a stunning farce that has even turned some of his own party members against his ridiculous actions. Let me touch on only one of many small business groups affected by his bombastic idea.
The hurt to Canada’s Health Services for which he has already reduced break even funding, will crash and burn like a totally crippled monstrosity or a forever failing melodrama. Every health care worker who has been working atrocious extra hours to try to  provide decent health care; will “NOT” continue to do so while being taxed at 70%!  Neither will already in demand trades persons or many other small businesses. Every single one of these people will do everything in their power to elect a Conservative government in the next election.
Item Four:  Yes, I can easily find four serious chinks in the Federal Liberal government’s programs that are now disasters.  The rolling out of legal marijuana by July of 2018 is another gong show headed for hell. Not near enough time for any real working plan for price, distribution, enforcement or to deal with the fall-out of addiction and mental health issue of millions of users. The feds., after dumping the ill-defined issues on unwilling provinces, now indicate that they want half of the billions of dollars from taxation revenue for doing nothing!
Those “in the know” say little will be done to curtail the illegal sales, huge home grown ops. or the ability for children to easily access the potent TLC laced “wacky tobbacy.”  Good luck trying to get into the United states with a heavy trace of “Mary Jane” on your breath.

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