Thursday, 11 January 2018 10:01

Justin time: factitious follies by federal gov’t

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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As we move into 2018, year three for the Liberal Federal Government, the learning curve for finally getting it right seems to have stalled.

Many curiosities, questions and harbingers abound. Will Trudeau again be challenged for taking another $215,000 Christmas vacation with his rich friends and spurring another ethics investigation or did he learn from last year?
 After being sternly rejected by China on his free trade mission, infuriating the other leaders at the TPP talks by not showing up for a signing and being hopelessly bogged down with NAPTA negotiations, will he finally realize that his skills at world level negotiations are an utter failure?
Until Trudeau realizes that people only accept the advice they are ready for, he’s doomed.
To quote H.W Beecher:  “Most often greater growth comes from pain. It is not the pain that helps one grow, it is how one responds to it.”
Insulting other countries with arrogant demands won’t work.
• The travesty at our borders is preposterous.
I have no problem with any person properly entering Canada using our well defined criteria. Encouraging thousands of people to enter illegally is insane.
 The burden dumped on provinces, police, legal and health and welfare systems plus the people living near our borders is not necessary. The system is so overwhelmed that those entering properly can’t access the help they desperately need.
As an example, less than five Yazidi survivors of a program to bring in 1,200 have accessed one on one trauma counselling! Trudeau’s childish numbers game while ignoring the required assistance is nothing short of criminal.
Why Trudeau refuses to enforce the existing laws is unfathomable. Sending a few M.P.s to the U. S. to talk to potential law breakers is absurd.
• Trudeau has a majority and can do whatever it likes.
Not only is he is using it to ram through the abolition of laws against cannabis but he has set an unrealistic July 1 deadline.
True to form, he has dumped the multitude of problems on the provinces.
The criminal controlled, long established black market will continue to flourish because it is not bound by all of the bureaucratic logistics like government dispensaries. More than 3 1/2 million Canadians, or about 12% already use pot regardless of the law.
Half of them think its O.K. to drive stoned.
They will continue to order on line or grow their own vs. enduring the  too few government run outlets. Those who bother will be surprised to learn that many are probably owned by crime mobs anyway.
As Trudeau’s Bill C-45 is rushed to the  Senate, he may dread the day he made them independent.
I’ll bet the Senate will delay and amend the Bill, as they should due to many unresolved problems and the July 1st.
“ Big Bong Day” for millions of Canadians won’t happen.
• If Trudeau had the guts —goodness knows he has the power —he would fix the gong show, we  suffer through called Question Period.
The embarrassing farce is totally out of control.
No one answers any questions of importance. Unrelated meaningless “talking points” are repeated over and over.
The speaker, has control but very seldom uses it.
There are two simple ways to put an end to the animosity, insolence and shouting.
The speaker can warn the offenders once. He can, and should, then expel them for 5 days and fine them $500.
On the second offence within a month he should expel them for 10 days and fine them $1,000.
He should continue to do the  same for each additional offence until the sitting ends.
The childish behaviour would end shortly as absent M.P.s. would not be available to vote or properly represent the people from their ridings. The reason for the disruptions is that questions are NOT being  answered.
Perhaps the Speaker should behave like a judge in a court of law. He should demand that the question be properly answered providing that the question was a reasonable and pertinent one.
The penalty for either of those infractions should be as aforementioned.
To reinforce that their should also be no forgiveness for slander inside the house, another stupid rule that breeds more indignation and  bad behaviour.

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