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Hindley has all the skills, now needs to execute

Written by  Ryan Dahlman
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Everett Hindley being chosen the new SaskParty representative for the Swift Current constituency seems anti-climactic.

With all due respect to Hindley's opponent — the Swift Current-born Derek Robinson, — the new Sask. Party rep. has been Brad Wall's executive assistant for the past ten years and constituency office for an additional eight, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion Hindley would be the person to take over as the Sask. Party's representative for Swift Current.  
Really, he's learned from one of the best in Wall in regards to being a politician and what it takes to be successful. In reality, they are rather similar.
Both had backgrounds in radio, both personable, both extremely intelligent, politically savvy and both had strong ties to many of the big names in Swift Current government like school boards, city council and Hindley had the endorsement of mayor Denis Perrault.
Within Swift Current, he has paid his dues. All the experience is there. All the contacts are there. The Wall-like personable approachability is there. The local popularity is there.
He also seemed like a logical choice to replace Wall in that he also has worked with many MLAs and has watched the sharp rise and now slide of the Sask. Party.
Here is where we will find out what kind of innovative thinker Hindley truly is.
Hindley knew how to get there and while critics may argue Hindley has been fortunate in that he managed to get Wall's constituency office job 18 years ago and has been riding coat tails ever since. This would be simplistic and grotesquely unfair.
Wall was first an MLA, then leader of an entire party then a premier of an entire province. Friendship aside, when one has that much responsibility, you can't afford to have an anchor or someone who can't pull his weight helping you.
Hindley must have had some solid skills that would make him the executive assistant to the premier of a Canadian province other than just being a friend.
The trouble is for those on the outside, you can't see those skills. Everything that he did, thought, came up as his own ideas etc., went to Wall and the Sask. Party team.
For those who don't know Hindley and even for those who do, we will find out exactly who he is, what he knows and, how creative and quick thinking on his feet he is.
 The Sask. Party's popularity is sliding and like some of the other new Sask. Party representatives for departing MLAs, and for those still there, they have to figure out how to stop the party's popularity from bleeding out.
We will also find out how well he handles pressure and the targetted public scrutiny which comes with politics.
(Ryan Dahlman is managing editor with the Prairie Post. Contact him with comments about this opinion piece at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

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