With an economy in the tanks and new stories every week of different sectors facing emerging struggles, it is never a good time for a government “to introduce controversial legislation.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:53

Sask.’s deputy premier shows infallibility

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On May 13, Saskatchewan Government Insurance announced it was launching a “new, emotionally-charged multi-media advertising campaign to raise awareness about impaired driving. The campaign shows the void, literally, that is left behind when a friend or loved one is killed by an impaired driver. The absence of that person leaves a hole in the lives of those left behind, demonstrating the campaign slogan that “impaired driving impacts lives, families — everything.”

The recent spill of heavy oil from a Husky Energy pipeline into the North Saskatchewan River might raise public awareness in the province about the safety of pipelines, but it is doubtful if it will change many people’s existing perceptions about the issue.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:21

Mother Nature always wins: like it or not

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Mother Nature can be a humbling entity.

Swift Current area residents had an opportunity to learn more about a proposal for a $90-million wind and solar project at a public meeting in the city on July 11.

It’s often easily forgotten the brain is an organ, just like the heart or lungs.

The bottom-line action of Keynesian theory of economics states when you have an economy which is stagnating or stalled, has high unemployment, for the short term, create government projects and spend your way out of it with more social programs, more work projects etc. 

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