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Swift Current RCMP weekend calls for service

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The following is a synopsis of calls for service for (Sept. 7-9):

5:20 PM - report from a male driving his motorcycle on 13th Avenue N. E. where a brown Ford truck pulled out in front of him & once the motorcycle was close enough the driver of the truck accellerated blowing black smoke at the driver of the motorcycle. The occupants of the truck could be seen laughing. The male youth driver of the truck was charged under the Traffic Safety Act.
6:05 PM - report of a railway employee taking photos of the female caller's family while they were taking family photos. The railway employee had wanted the family to leave as there was a danger of a train coming & that he'd wanted to post it to social media as a precaution to the public of what not to do. Officers spoke to all involved parties & the matter was resolved without criminal charges. The photos taken by the employee were deleted & the family was given a warning about trepassing on the railway property.
8:02 PM - report of a deer versus vehicle collision on the #4 Highway. No one was injured in the collision.
8:04 PM - 911 call from an elderly male on the 2200 block of Woodrow Lloyd Place advising he believes he's at a motel & they will not let him leave. Officers spoke with an employee of the long-term care facility who advised the male is a new resident & is confused, no emergency was taking place.
8:35 PM -while out on patrols officers conducted a traffic stop on a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo. As a result of the stop officers seized a small bag of marijuana & the vehicle driver also has an open beer in the vehicle. The male youth driver was given a warning about the marijuana, charged under the Alcohol & Gaming Regulation Act & issued a 60 day licence suspension & vehicle impoundment.
8:47 PM - report of a missing female youth who was later located & returned to her guardian.
10:20 PM - report of a neighbour dispute on the O block of 5th Avenue N.E. The neighbour had been yelling at the caller about the state of the property. Officers were tied up on a priority call but later spoke to the neighbour who admitted he'd lost his cool & it wouldn't happen again if he were to ever speak to the property owner again. The male caller was advised of same. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.
10:39 PM - report of a small plastic bag with a suspicious white substance being found at a location on the 1400 block of North Service Road E. Officers attended & seized the bag. The subject who had dropped the bag was not able to be identified.
6:51 AM - report of a break & enter to a business on the 2100 block of North Service Road W. The male caller advised that it appeared a pry bar had been used to gain entry. Officers received a second call shortly after from the same male advising the business next door had also been broken into. This matter is still under investigation.
7:44 AM -while officers were conducting a break & enter investigation they observed damage to a business on the 2000 block of North Service Road W. This matter is also still under investigation.
10:23 AM - report of a white Ford F350 being stolen from a business on the 700 block of Brown Avenue that was later recovered in the rural area. This matter is still under investigation.
10:51 AM - report of a garage being spray painted on the 100 block of Allen Drive. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.
4: 12 PM - report of a male approaching a buiness on Central Avenue N. who stated he was certified & then asked for money. The male left the location in a grey Chevrolet Cruze, parked his vehicle on Battleford Trail, got out & proceeded to walk. Officers did not attend as there was nothing criminal taking place. No other calls were received.
5:09 PM - report of damage to a vacant rental property on the O block of 5th Avenue N.E. This matter is still under investigation.
6:42 PM - report of an erratic driver on 5th Avenue N.W. A white Ford almost hit a pole & then almost hit another vehicle.
No other vehicle description or details were able to be obtained by the caller. Officers made patrols of the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.
8:49 PM - report of noisy neighbours on the O block of Gibbs Street W. Two youth are yelling & throwing things around the back yard of the residence. Officers attended & resolved the matter without criminal charges. No further complaints were received.
9:02 PM -while on patrol, officers conducted a stop on a red Buick Regal after it failed to stop at a red light on Central Avenue N. The male driver was charged under the Traffic Safety Act.
9:30 PM - report of a suspicious female walking through yards on the 700 block of 3rd Avenue N.W. flailing her arms & is now sitting on the sidewalk. Officers attended & spoke to the female who advised she was out for a walk before bed. The female was acting erratically & had admitted to taking prescription medications. The female returned home.
10:36 PM - report of a possible impaired driver in a white Toyota Tacoma on the 1400 block of North Service Road E.  Plate information was provided at the time of the call but did not match the vehicle description provided. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle. The caller later notified officers the vehicle was parked at a motel & was unoccupied.
11 :51 PM -while on patrol officers conducted a traffic stop on a grey Honda Civic for speeding on Battleford Trail. The male driver was charged under the Traffic Safety Act.
07:57 AM - report of a stolen vehicle on the 400 block of 1st Avenue N.W. The vehicle is a white 1994 Pontiac Sun bird LE bearing Saskatchewan licence plate 653KDT.
9:35 AM - report from a male advising he recently had some exterior work done to his residence & after telling the male that did the work that he thought he did a poor job, the contractor threatened to return to his residence with a sledge hammer. This matter is still under investigation.
12:13 PM - report of a male asking people for money at a business on the 100 block of Central Avenue N. When staff asked him to leave he started yelling at employees & patrons. Officers attended & the male agreed to leave. 12:24 PM -report of a female who was yelling at the callers children when they were walking on the opposite side of the street in front of the female's residence. The caller had attempted to go to the residence but there was no answer at the door. The caller wanted police to be aware in the event it happened again.
12:58 PM -911 call from an elderly female stating she was scared & another female could be heard yelling profanities in the background. Officers attended the residence on the 300 block of Central Avenue S. & located both females who were having a verbal dispute. The female who had called 911 no longer wanted the other to attend her residence anymore. The female agreed to leave & advised she would no longer come to the residence.
2:37 PM - report from a male caller who witnessed an older male slap a female & then she got into his vehicle. The caller advised the female had gotten into the vehicle on her own & it appeared the two knew each other. Officers were able to speak to both involved parties. The male advised that he's been trying to help the female get help for substance abuse issues. When police made contact with the female she refused to speak with police or provide any information. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.
6:48 PM - report from a female who advised when she returned home from a walk her cat's collar had been cut off & placed on her door step. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.
6:51 PM - report of a female texting while driving. The caller wanted the female warned about the dangers of texting while driving before someone were to get hurt. Warning was given to the female driver.

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