Wednesday, 13 June 2018 15:30

Council approves purchase of sanding truck

Written by  By Matthew Liebenberg
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One of the City of Swift Current's three sanding trucks will be replaced after a service period of 10 years.

Councillors approved the purchase of a new sanding truck at a regular council meeting, June 4.
“All our vehicles are on a replacement schedule,” General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations Mitch Minken said after the meeting. “This one is on a 10-year replacement schedule. So this is just a regular replacement of a piece of equipment.”
Various factors will be considered when a decision is made to replace a vehicle in the City's fleet.
“We have a replacement schedule, which is based on age and kilometres and of course along with that we look at the repair history of the unit,” he explained. “It may result in a unit getting replaced a little bit earlier, or if it’s a lower-usage unit and it’s had a good service record we may extend its life a bit longer to ensure that we get the best value for the City.”
The use of an equipment replacement schedule helps the City to manage the cost of purchasing new vehicles over different budget years.
“We try to keep all our units like this, where we have multiple units, on a replacement schedule where we've got them years apart so that we don't have a great big bulk of a purchase in one year,” he said. “We've been working hard to even out those purchases over various years.”
The City received four tenders from three different suppliers for the replacement of the sanding truck. The lowest bid of $159,265 (PST included, GST excluded) from Commercial Truck Equipment Co. in Regina for a 2019 Freightliner truck with a Monroe sanding body was approved. This amount includes a trade-in allowance of $8,480 for a 2008 Freightliner truck with a Monroe sanding body.
Warner Industries in Swift Current will supply the Freightliner chassis to Commercial Truck Equipment Co. for the installation of the sanding body. The truck will be in service throughout the winter to sand city streets, but it will also be used during the rest of the year.
“We use the truck itself throughout the year,” he noted. “The sanding body is a slide-in unit. So during the summer it's removed from the truck and the truck is used to haul other materials around.”
According to Minken various external factors such as the value of the Canadian dollar and any changes to U.S. And Canadian tariffs, including tariffs on steel and aluminum, can have an impact on the City's budget for purchasing and replacing equipment.
“It can have a large impact on us,” he said. “When the U.S. dollar shifted and became much more valuable than the Canadian dollar it had a huge impact on us and I would assume if this situation continues that it will be the same, because some of these units are U.S. based. So if there’s counter tariffs then we could see some prices rise again.”

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