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Saskatchewan Party's Everett Hindley wins Swift Current by-election

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New Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley (at left) is congratulated by former Swift Current MLA and Premier Brad Wall after the announcement of the by-election results, March 1. New Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley (at left) is congratulated by former Swift Current MLA and Premier Brad Wall after the announcement of the by-election results, March 1. Matthew Liebenberg/Prairie Post

The Saskatchewan Party's Everett Hindley became the new MLA for Swift Current after the March 1 by-election.


He spoke to his supporters who gathered at his campaign office shortly after the election results were announced. He thanked the team of volunteers that worked with him as well as the other candidates for running a good campaign.

“We had a race here in Swift Current.,” he said. “We had four candidates, four good candidates running here, and there was a lot of different colours and signs up around town this time. I know that motivated our team and got them out on the doors.”

He received the support of 73.4 per cent of the 5,146 people who voted in the by-election, which represented a voter turnout of 42.12 per cent of registered voters.

Hindley said the best part of the campaign was going door to door and talking to people to hear what they have to say.

“Folks had a choice to make here in terms of direction,” he noted. “We've had change in leadership of the party and the same thing is happening with the opposition right now, and so we went to the doorsteps asking people what they thought about the state of politics and the state of Saskatchewan, and where we're going from here, and by and large, I think based on the results we're seeing here tonight, I think for the most part folks are pretty satisfied with the direction that the Saskatchewan Party government is taking and they want us to continue on that path.”

He added that people also told him on doorsteps that the Saskatchewan Party government did not get everything right.

“As a party we've always taken that seriously that when perhaps there's been a misstep or something that folks don't necessarily agree with, we're not afraid to go back and say we're going to change our position on that and listen to the folks on the ground, and I think that's one of our strengths,” he said.

Stefan Rumpel of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) was supported by 1,243 voters, representing 24.2 per cent of the vote. Maria Lewans of the Saskatchewan Green Party received 67 votes (1.3 per cent) , while 49 people (1.0 per cent) voted for Aidan Roy of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.

Saskatchewan NDP supporters gathered at a restaurant in the city to wait for the results.  Rumpel expressed his appreciation to supporters and to the team of volunteers that worked with him.

“What we were able to do is something we can be proud of and know that I'm not going away,” he said. “For me this isn't done until the current government recognizes that they can't take us for granted. That when we listen to people and when we take care of people, everyone benefits. That right now, if we continue to just look at dollars and cents, we are going to continue on a path that takes away what made Saskatchewan, which is community, which are people coming together to support each other”

He referred to the increased voter support for the Saskatchewan NDP in this by-election compared to the provincial election in 2016. The party's support increased with over nine per cent from 15.10 per cent in 2016 to 24.2 per cent in this by-election.

“It sends a strong message that we need to be heard, that they need to be better, and beyond that, that they need to think beyond the next election cycle, because we need forward thinking," he said. "We need planning  that can bring Saskatchewan to the forefront."

Two other provincial by-elections also took place on March 1. In Kindersley the Saskatchewan Party candidate Ken Francis received 88.1 per cent of the vote, with a voter turnout of 32.42 per cent. The Saskatchewan Party also won the Melfort by-election, where Todd Goudy received 78.5 per cent of the vote on a voter turnout of 34.22 per cent.

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