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All the world is a stage for gifted Swift Current man

Written by  Andrea Carol
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Guys like Trevor Koot are learning on the go as he pursues his life on the “stage”.

Real estate tycoon, professional body builder, entrepreneur and now actor, Koot is making sure he lives life to the fullest. His personal brand has evolved successfully over the years and he and his wife, Jill (nee Pain) are pursuing more than just everyday run-of-the-mill dreams. The Ontario-born athlete had humble beginnings.
“We travelled a lot before I was in grade one. I was born in Ontario and was in New Brunswick by the time I was six. Spent the rest of my school career there. I moved to Saskatchewan and went to the U of S in ’96 and met Jill in ’97. I played Husky Football and went to the Vanier Cup with Huskies. Both Jill and I graduated in 2001. I majored in Kinesiology and minored in Mathematics,” Koot said. “I was a professional fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Then I helped launch a Hospital Foundation in Edmonton. We moved to Swift Current in 2005 and got my real estate license in March of 2005 and went from there”.
Koot has carved out a prestigious personal brand and has experienced success both on and off the stage in his personal development and in his career. The Koot body building husband and wife team opened the Iron Office in February 2016. The husband and wife duo offer personal training and consulting, a professional 24-hour gym and a health supplement store.
“I signed with Mutant in 2012 and that’s what really built my brand. It made me international,” Trevor grinned when he spoke. “I’ve got followers from all over the world. My brand with Mutant and in the body building world has been professional. People know me through the business that I do and through the success I’ve had in real estate. The Iron Office really built into that. It’s kind of the combination of both the gym and the business side of what we do”.
Koot won top place provincially in 2011 and third place at Nationals in 2015. He has slowed down on training now but he is still going strong as far as his personal fitness goes.
“I’ve slimmed down. I’m a svelte 290lbs right now. I feel skinny compared to the 320lbs I was,” he said. “At this point, it’s kind of a year to year thing especially with the changes in the other aspects of our life.  We’ll see what happens. Certainly, I’m not done competing at this stage but it probably won’t be as regular a part of my life. It’s really just a lifestyle for us. We absolutely love it”.
When asked what’s next for the Koots, he replied, “We’ve made the significant decision to move to Kamloops. Swift Current has been home for thirteen years to us and has treated us exceptionally well. We consider it home and have loved every minute of it,” he explained. “The hobby that’s taken off for me at this point in lieu of bodybuilding is acting. I’ve done little bits here and there and my brother-in-law is a screen writer and has done some short films. I helped him with the production of a short called, Rider Pride and it starred Brent Butt before ‘Corner Gas’. In 2013-ish, we did a reality show for Travel and Escape. We went to visit my sister in Abu Dhabi, and we did “Our Family Vacation”. And that was really fun so we are actually on National TV”.
“More recently, I was contacted by a company out of Vancouver via direct message on Instagram. Kit and Ace Technical Clothing flew me down and had me there for a full production of web-based commercials. From there I started putting myself out there for short films and landed myself a film. I did two days of fight-choreography for a fight scene in a bar. That was really cool. I was one of the lead characters but did my own stunts. I had a lot of fun with that. Now I have been cast for a horror that is shooting in November. I have a talent agent now. And I’m reading for a lead role for a feature film. So, that’s going really well,” Koot explained.
Koot’s advice for success is, “Make your own decisions and be ready to live with the consequences whatever they are. Hopefully, the decisions you make play out to have the ending that you want. You have to work for what you want. It’s not luck, it’s the path that’s being forged based on the decisions being made”.

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