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Swift Current club selling tickets to raise funds for children’s hospital

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Members of the Daughters of the Nile Aurora Club No. 5 in Swift Current are currently selling tickets for their 6th annual lottery ticket draw to raise funds for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal.

There has been an increase in prize money for this year’s lottery and club members are hoping to sell all remaining tickets before the draw for the three winning tickets takes place on Oct. 12.
The total prize money used to be $1,000. This year the total amount increased to $2,500. The first prize payout will be $1,000. The second prize is $800 and the third prize is $700.
“We’re doing this as a fundraiser for the hospital,” Aurora Club President Diana Andrews-Thomson said. “It all goes there, outside of your prize.”
The Daughters of the Nile is an international fraternal organization. An important focus of the members of each temple across Canada and the United States is to raise funds for the medical care and rehabilitation of children at a Shriners Hospital for Children.
Club Secretary/Treasurer Kay Blydo said the money raised with this lottery ticket draw will be used to support the ongoing operation of the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal.
“The money stays in Canada and it goes into a convalescent endowment fund,” she said. “The proceeds are not spend. They are used to generate revenue. Only the interest from that account is used, because we want to make sure that there is a facility there. So the principal always remain.”
Aurora Club No. 5 used to be affiliated with the Anqet Temple in Regina, but after its closure the club decided to become a member of the Sakkara Temple in Calgary.
“They’re the main body, and then there are clubs underneath and each do something different,” Andrews-Thomson explained. “Some sew, some have other projects. ... They’re very innovative.”
The Aurora Club only has four members and they therefore have to focus on a fundraising project that can be carried out without too many resources.
“So we sat down, we did a lot of talking and we decided the easiest way for us to raise money would be to have a raffle,” Blydo said.
They feel they are able to make a difference to support the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal through their fundraising efforts with the lottery ticket draw. Another goal is to also raise awareness about the hospital in the Swift Current area and to assist families with information on how to submit an application.
Over the years they have met many families from southwest Saskatchewan who have benefitted from the specialized medical services provided at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal.
“There are numerous people in this area that have been in the services of the Shriners Hospital,” Andrews-Thomson said. “When we’re selling tickets, people come along and say my grandson was there or my nephew or my brother or whatever. That’s when you find out how many kids have been through there.”
Some of these families have been invited to attend luncheons in Swift Current when delegates from the Sakkara Temple in Calgary pay a visit to the Aurora Club. These events are good opportunities for Daughter of the Nile members to learn first-hand from families about their experiences when they make use of the medical expertise at the Shriners Hospital.
“It just gives me great satisfaction to know that you help somebody,” Blydo said about hearing from families.
Members will have another opportunity to listen to a family’s story about their visit to the Shriners Hospital at a luncheon on Oct. 11, a day before the lottery ticket draw.
Tickets for the lottery draw are still available for sale at $20 each.
A member of the Aurora Club is selling tickets every Thursday afternoon at Pharmasave and every Friday afternoon at the Pioneer Co-op food store at Wheatland Mall.
Another option is to phone Blydo at 306-741-7251 or 306-773-4964 and Andrews-Thomson at 306-773-9514 to buy tickets.

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