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Group from Miller College go to Costa Rica

Written by  Andrea Carol
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Costa Rica will welcome this group from Millar College of the Bible in Pambrun. Costa Rica will welcome this group from Millar College of the Bible in Pambrun. Photo contributed

There is more to Costa Rica than just a vacation destination. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity but what most people don’t know is that it has a dark underbelly.

More than 1.1 million Costa Ricans live in poverty. Due to the rapid growth of international tourism in the country, it is being promoted as a popular destination for sex tourism.
This is largely because prostitution is not illegal there but many of the activities surrounding it are illegal. The child sex trade is also on the rise.
Bob and Jody Buck, missionaries in Residence at Millar College of the Bible work to provide awareness and education to students concerning the work of God around the world.
Supported through their missions’ organization, the couple works to keep missions in the forefront and act as campus chaplains.
“We are the second missionary in residence that they’ve had here so Bob does some teaching of the module classes. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to and pray with them about stuff,” explained Jody.
The American couple have been together 33 years and have six children.
They served in Costa Rica as missionaries before coming to Millar College of the Bible. Bob was born in Puerto Rico, his father was a US Navy member. Bob’s first language is Spanish and the couple share a love for the Latin Culture.
“We came up here to Briercrest so my husband could finish his schooling. Then we went to Costa Rica as missionaries. While we were in Costa Rica, Bob got very sick and he needed to return to Canada due to a tropical sickness,” said Buck. “It was just horrible. Really bad. We returned here in August, 2015. My husband has improved and got a green light from the doctors this past summer. He is getting his strength back and going from survival mode to living mode”.
Now that Bob has recovered, the couple is heading back to Costa Rica with a team of students for one month to expose them to the mission there.
“The spot that we served in Costa Rica is set up to facilitate students quite well. So, we approached the board here about it and they are all for it. They are excited about it,” said Buck. “We have a team of 13 students and four adults. We leave on April 29, 2018”.
Bob and Jody’s team is excited about their upcoming trip and look forward to making a difference where they can.
"God calls us to share the gospel both far and near. Through this trip I feel like God will grow and teach me also, as I minister to others in Costa Rica, teaching them about God and His love. This trip will also be important as God can use it to prepare me for His work in the future, whatever that may be,” said Tabitha Vellacot, First Year student from Herbert.
“I expect that I will learn what it is to have more of a serving and loving heart for all of God’s people. I know that I will be pushed out of my comfort zone, and will need to learn to depend on God’s strength to get me through whatever tasks He calls me to. It will be good to also see other believers from other countries; to see Him at work in their lives."
When sending out missionaries to other parts of the world, there are several issues to consider one of which is financial support. If you would like to help them out on this very noble journey, you can partner with them financially.
There are a few options to make giving easy: 1. Make cheques payable to Millar College of the Bible and send it to Millar College, Box 25, Pambrun, Saskatchewan, S0N 1W0;  2. Credit Card donations are accepted by phone. Please call 306-582-2033. 3.  Online donations are accepted through PayPal. Visit
Please indicate that it is for the Costa Rica Mission trip. 

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