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Gull Lake woman fighting lyme disease; March fundraiser to help her family financially

Written by  Andrea Carol
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The Cobler family: Jaime and Clint (husband) Bottom Row: Megan (18), Madison (17) and Austin (14). The Cobler family: Jaime and Clint (husband) Bottom Row: Megan (18), Madison (17) and Austin (14).

Jaime Cobler, a 39-year old mother of three, was bitten by a tick on June 10, 2017 and has suffered from the devastating effects of Lyme Disease ever since.

Currently, the young mother takes over 100 pills per day and is fighting for her life. Cobler visited her doctor and the local emergency room repeatedly with serious symptoms and finally learned in August she was infected with Lyme Disease.

On January 22, eight months after she first came down with symptoms, she had  coinfections of Lyme Disease and her treatment was adjusted accordingly.

Unfortunately, the disease had already taken a toll on her body and her pocket book.
“In August 2017, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is not recognized in Saskatchewan. Because of this, I received my diagnoses and further treatment in Calgary, Alberta. Twenty-five percent of people have a mutated gene so their body doesn’t recognize Lyme Disease, mold or metals to fight them. I am also one of those people,” said Cobler. “Some people can fight it off initially and it sits dormant in their bodies until it gets weaker. If I let myself get too exhausted or too run down, it could come back on me. I will be on an anti-inflammatory diet the rest of my life but I should be able to add in some vegetables and fruit. I can eat pure meats, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, squash, zucchini, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts. That’s it”.
When tragedy strikes, residents of Southwest Saskatchewan have proven their care for others by offering unwavering support to those struggling. Cobler along with close friends Amber and Dan McPhee are hosting a Lyme Disease Benefit and Fundraiser on March 17.
Their goal is to raise awareness of the disease. They have designed the event in such a way that people can afford to come and bring their families with them. The band KMAG-YOYO has graciously agreed to entertain and two other Southwest Saskatchewan residents will share their stories about their Lyme diagnosis and journey of recovery at the fundraiser.
“We live in small town Saskatchewan; helping our neighbours when they are in need is what we do and it is who we are. The Coblerand Sorenson families would ordinarily be the first in line to help others.  Jaime Cobler's story of contracting Lyme Disease, being misdiagnosed, and having to leave the province for proper diagnosis and expensive treatments that Saskatchewan Healthcare will not cover needs to be told.  Saskatchewan people need to be aware of the existenceof Lyme Disease and the preventative measures to use against ticks.  Raising awareness and working together, we need to insist that Saskatchewan Health recognizes that Lyme Disease is indeed in Saskatchewan, doctors require training in diagnosis and the treatments need to be available in Saskatchewan, or at a minimum provide funding for out of province treatments,” said Amber McPhee. “Besides what the disease has done to her mind and body, to date Jaime's family hassuffered the hardship of spending more than $100,000 traveling and paying for treatments.  Jaime haslost her ability to work and help support her family.  This fundraiser is intended to help alleviate their hardship and make others aware and hopefully prevent another family from going through this terrible ordeal.  She still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.  We hope and pray for the best possible outcome”.
“I want everyone to be educated and hear the differences between how it has affected each of us,” Cobler explained. “Lyme almost always brings coinfections with it and each one attacks different parts of your system. Hope to see you all there”.
Cobler has lost 50 lbs since her diagnosis and will spend nearly $100,000 on medical and travel costs.
“ I will continue to fight and am planning on raising awareness in Saskatchewan this spring. I am going to continue to help others effected by this horrible disease as a lot are still sick with little to no help from the system, Cobler explains. “I have been so lucky to have the family and friend support I have received, but financially it has been a challenge. I have only been able to work a couple days in the last eight months and we have had to pull from savings. We are going to have to decide what my life will be after my initial healing phase and see where I get back too. Right now I realize it’s a lot slower process than I first thought and will have to get strong enough to repress the rest of my life.”
Cobler’s cousin set up a petition to urge the government to provide funding and programs to diagnose and treat Lyme Disease properly. Please go to if you would like to support this cause. Print, sign, scan and email the form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
For a complete list of signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease, go to
Advance tickets for the fundraiser are now available. Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for ages 5-12 (under 5 is free). They are available at Packard Electric or contact Sharla at 306-774-5677. For more information, go to
• Cobler’s Timeline (in her words):
• June 10 removed tick on me overnight
• June 20 started with flu like symptoms: swollen glands, swollen gums, very dizzy, confusion, no focus, exhausted, chills;
• June 24 noticed tick bite that was healed rashed up like a target;
• June 25 went to hospital, tried allergy pill rash didnt quit;
• June 26 started antibiotic;
• July 1 rash started to heal, swollen glands gone;
• July 10 finished 2 weeks antibiotic started 3rd week after see doc. Still confused, achey neck, dizzy and severe headache;
• July 13 went into ER with migraine with ora face and arm numb and droopy got iv meds;
• July 14-22 severe headache and dizzy still but after the 20 carsick is way less;
• July 23 started with pukey feeling again, headache neckache and dizzy still;
• July 25 lil less pukey feeling, headache and dizzy;
• July 26-Aug 4 slowly getting worse seems like or the entire time was worse. More confused, try doing less, bad headaches, not able to think or organize, neck ache and muscle and joint pain, swollen fingers and feet at night worse in my hurt or arthritic ones.sweats, noise amd light sensitive, lost at times, cant get out of bed or talk sometimes. Changes by hr but never go away;
• Aug. 23 got to dr in Calgary started tests and iv antiniotics 26 for 4 weeks then hoke on 80 pills plus penicillan shot. Super exhausted, dizzy, weak and naceous but more energy every day ;
• Dec. 6 started with headaches, neck pain, dizzy when stand, vision blurred, word finding issues, detachment, brain fog and switchboard hard to concentrate, noise sensitive and hair falling out;
• Dec. 11-15 got iv malnutrition bags as might be fighting off flu; Symptoms continued but got constant after dec 22 throwing up;
• Jan. 8 doc appt and went back on iv antibiotics for 2 weeks. Most symptoms gone except exhausted, week, naceous at times and slight brain fog/poor memory;
• Feb. 22 results of co-infections of lyme and change treatment of antibiotics will be done accordingly.

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