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SASK: The Pig Spleen Prognostication for 2018 (based on Hazlet pig spleens)

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The forecast this year is based on spleens from Hazlet. The prognostication was completed on December 20, 2017 in Regina and the Pig Spleen Prognostication Party is scheduled for December 29 at the Collier Ranch in Gull Lake Saskatchewan, entertainment by Megan Nash.


The free range pigs had allot of fat on them this year; two showed very cold and allot of snow, two showed cold with snow. The 2018 winter will be colder than normal with above average snowfall and some big winds.  Drastic temperature swings should be more pronounced than normal as we go from frigid cold to above normal temperatures over the winter months.  The end of December is very cold which will persist into the new year. Temperatures will start to improve into the new year with a short period of warm temperatures and sun but will be interspersed with periods of very cold. Temperatures will remain below average through until mid March with a few exceptions in mid and end of February.  Significant snowfalls will occur towards the end of January and at the end of February and the start of March. Temperatures will improve to above average for the last half of March and then gradually return to below average all the way through April and May. It will look like there will be a big runoff at the end of March but the cooler temperatures will cause it to slowly dissipate. There will be good precipitation around March 20, between April 5 to 7 and at the end of April.  June will be an average month in general.  Significant fog events indicate the precipitation mid and end of January and mid and end of February/ Possibility of sleet and rain in January. This year there will be allot of wind, particularly in the South West where temperatures and wind chills will be harsh.  There should be good snow moisture allowing for good spring germination however crops need to be seeded early to take full advantage of this otherwise the dry summer will be hard on them. 

The end of December will be very cold leading into January and will improve into January with a period of warm temperatures however they will return to below normal mid month.  There will be a brief warm trend mid month between Jan 16 and 22 and then temperatures will dip back below normal. Expect snow at this time.  Temperatures will decline towards the end of the month and into February.  Expect snow on Jan 5, and between Jan 18 and 20th with the most around Jan 18 in a winter blizzard with high winds. January will be a month of extremes in temperature from warm to cold. Watch for extreme icy conditions particularly in the center and eastern part of the province.

The end of January is colder than normal with temperatures falling into February at the start. Temperatures will rebound around Feb 11 (-2 to -10 in the daytime) for a short time but then dip again to below normal for about a week. Around Feb 20 there will be a period of about a week that is above normal temperatures (0 to -5 in the day time) and then drop again into March.  Precipitation will occur on Feb 11 and between the 20th  and 22nd . The end of Feb and beginning of March will see above average precipitation in general.

The beginning of March will be colder than normal but will gradually improve over the entire month.  Temperatures will begin to be above average starting around March 14 (+2 range during the day).  Temperatures will remain above average and improve for the last half of the month.  Expect snow on March 3 and March 20th.  The temperature swings in march will be fairly extreme and will bring allot of wind.

The end March will be generally warmer than average however this will not last into April.  April will start off around average temperatures (+5 during the day) but will drift towards below average and significantly below average over the month. Then end of the month will be below average with daytime temperatures around +10.   April will see above average precipitation around April 5 to 7 and at the end of the month around 22nd  to 25th.

May will continue to be below average for most all of the month.  Temperatures will continue to decline below average until mid May when they will stabilize.  Daytime temperatures at the end of the month will be in th 15 to 20 range.  Expect good precipitation a the very start of the month and around May 21st. At the very end of May there will be an abrupt warming when temperatures will return to average for June.

Temperatures in June will be average in general. Daytime temperatures will be 21 to 23 and warming to the end of the month.  There will be some precipitation at the start of June – around the 2nd however after that there is no significant precip.

If the weather did not change as much as it does, 9 out of 10 Canadians would have nothing to talk about.

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