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Medicine Hat College information meeting held in Brooks was a good one

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Medicine Hat College information meeting held in Brooks was a good one Photo contributed

Mother Nature thought it was playing an April Fool’s joke on Jennifer Fleckenstein, student recruiter for the Medicine Hat College April 1.

Following a successful information evening at the Brooks campus, she drove home in a windy snowstorm.
“It wasn’t a whole lot of fun,” says Fleckenstein. “It was like a tornado.”
It was all worth it though as Fleckenstein said the evening went well as she was able to successfully explain and answer perspective students’ questions about programs. They were also able to answer any sort of questions for college students.
They held a similar type meeting at the Medicine Hat campus April 2 where college faculty and staff answered technical questions about the school and offered opinions on different programs.
“It was good to raise that awareness,” explains Fleckenstein, who had another such information meeting the following evening in Medicine Hat.
With the current state of the economy, there are a lot of people looking to the college for either an upgrade in education or a new career. While Fleckenstein says there is more of a noticeable sense of urgency now, the approach and what college officials are hoping to accomplish remains the same.
Fleckenstein says some people who attend have either already applied and are now just clarifying the “what now” questions. They may they need assistance in what direction they should take, or even how, they will manage to pay for their college educations.
She says in Brooks there was some high-school students looking to college for next year, but there were other people too.
“There’s a major increase in people wondering what professions to go to that have job security — ‘if I invest in this, will I have security in the future?’”
They have also given presentations with two different themes — one for prospective students, and the other for current students.
Fleckenstein says they also either brought along some interesting technology or were able to answer questions about the latest innovations.
College officials have been doing some interesting work with everything from different programs and 3-D printing, all the way to drones or even engineering.
For example, Steve Letkeman, who is the joint co-ordinator for the information technology program including work with 3-D printers and virtual reality goggles, had a lot of interesting gadgets to demonstrate. The well-respected nursing program has a strong base in Brooks and representatives were there discussing the program.
Fleckenstein says they are also looking at the Brooks area for what targets are in regards to programs which are being requested.
College administration, led by Reg Radke (a County of Newell native) the manager of regional stewardship, are looking at Continuing Studies programs to the full-credit courses and programs.
“I can tell you, I did a tour of the Brooks (MHC College) campus and there’s a real vibrancy and spirit of how it can become even more vital to the community.”

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