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Alberta Moms start business to help stop stigma of Postpartum care

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Christine Bassit and Michelle Hilsabeck have both been through it twice: Postpartum.


They’ve been through the ups of loving their newborns more than anything, whilst dealing with the downs of perineal recovery, breastfeeding troubles and trying to figure out the differences between baby blues and postpartum depression. After talking with numerous moms, they realized that the feeling of struggling, shame and physical pain were all too common. That’s why they decided enough is enough. So they started Postpartum Queen. A business all about helping new moms get postpartum care in the most convenient way possible, by having it delivered right to your door.
“My labour’s were fairly quick but I found healing and getting back to feeling 100% again took a lot longer. What I was most shocked at was that no one told me all of the changes that were going to happen to my body. There were infinite amounts of information about getting pregnant, being pregnant and how to raise your new baby in the first year, but there was nothing really focused on my healing. So I found myself, going to numerous stores after having my first and trying to find products that would make me feel better. If I had the tools and info to make that postpartum period a little more survivable, and not just that free perry bottle they give you at the hospital. I truly believe I would have healed quicker and had a more enjoyable postpartum experience,” says Hilsabeck.
Bassit and Hilsabeck’s business includes a Postpartum care kit filled with 15 products, tips and advice ranging from perineum healing products, breastfeeding support products, to mobile maternal health resources. It also includes a book written by Bassit.
Bassit spent 9 months researching and interviewing moms about postpartum to make a book filled with 9 chapters of real life postpartum experiences. It includes stories about postpartum sex, postpartum depression, raising two kids under the age of two, the dreaded first postpartum bathroom experience, tips for new dads to help new moms and more. Their website also includes freezable recipes to help moms prepare for postpartum beforehand.
“I noticed a lot a lot of women took longer to heal because they didn’t know about the products that could help them heal faster and feel better sooner. This is why we decided the book and the box were a necessity. No women should feel unprepared for postpartum or feel like she is going through this alone ever again. It was also because of my postpartum experiences that I realized I needed to start telling women’s postpartum stories so that we don’t feel so alone. Its time we start talking about this and helping each other through it,” says Bassit.
Their next step in helping new moms is partnering with family service centers to help low income moms that may not be able to afford to buy the products they need to help themselves after having a baby. “Every mom deserves to heal properly, it shouldn’t matter how much money they make. A mom that takes longer to heal physically or doesn’t have support or resources after having a baby is more prone to developing postnatal mood disorders like postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety. So we want to find a way to help as many moms as possible,” says Bassit.
They’ve also made it easy for moms to receive the box by either ordering it through their website
“One of the great things we’ve noticed is most of the women ordering the Postpartum Queen box are already moms, they’ve been through the recovery process and they are now getting it for their girlfriends to make sure their postpartum experiences go smoother than their own,” says Bassit. “Its pretty amazing to be part of a community based around women helping women.”

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