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Live-fire training season begins at CFB Suffield

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The peak training season is underway at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield with exercises starting in early May and continuing until the end of October.

The British Army Training Unit Suffield is conducting Exercise PRAIRIE STORM 1 from May 3 to June 5, which is the first of several training exercises on the base this year.
Military activities will happen intermittently, day and night, throughout the training season. Those who live, work or travel near the base may hear loud noises and observe weapons effects, such as flashes of light, resulting from the exercises.
CFB Suffield reminds the public that the Range and Training Area is a controlled access area. No unauthorized person may enter this area and trespassing is strictly prohibited.
Fire services
CFB Suffield Fire Services and the Range Control Field Operations Section are highly trained and ready to fight fires in the training area and surrounding communities. To report concerns, please contact Range Control (403-544-4310).
Stray ammunition and explosive objects
Bombs, grenades, shells and similar explosive objects are a hazard to life and limb. Do not pick up or retain such objects as souvenirs.  If you have found or have in your possession any object which you believe to be an explosive, notify your local police and arrangements will be made to dispose of it.
River access
At any point during the exercise season, soldiers may be required to cross the South Saskatchewan River. Those members of the public who wish to use the portion of the South Saskatchewan River that runs through the base are asked to contact Range Control
(403-544-4310) to confirm which dates don’t coincide with training activities.

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