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Jenner students learning history while cleaning local cemetery

Written by  Jamie Rieger
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Wyatt Maclean and Mark Brown mae a presentation to the Prairie Rose School Division meeting. Wyatt Maclean and Mark Brown mae a presentation to the Prairie Rose School Division meeting.

Prairie Rose School Division trustees at their Apr. 10 meeting, heard of a very interesting project the students at Jenner are working on and presented by a very enthusiastic student.

Jenner School student Wyatt Maclean and his principal Mark Brown gave the Prairie Rose School Division trustees an overview of an exciting project taking place by the students. After noticing the unkempt condition of the local cemetery, Brown decided to take a closer look and make a project for his students.
What they found besides tall grass and litter was a gravestone of World War 1 soldier, James Tribe, with the inscription "Gone but not Forgotten". Upon seeing those words and the state of the cemetery it was decided that Tribe and many others had indeed been forgotten and they were going to do something about it.
They started doing research on the soldier, including contacting the federal government, the War Graves Commission, and family members of Tribe.
They learned about Tribe, who joined the military in July, 1918 with the 1st Depot Battalion and passed away of influenza a few short months later in November.
The students who have photos and records of Tribe, will also be working on beautifying the cemetery.
"I think it's something that needs to be done," said Maclean, who noted that the cemetery is in very bad condition.
Watch for a more in-depth story on this project in an upcoming edition of the Prairie Post.

Quarterly Financial accountability report
Sixty percent of the way through the school year, Prairie Rose School Division's quarterly financial accountability report shows amounts received from Alberta Education as being less than 50 percent of the forecast.
Candace Hintz, assistant secretary treasurer told trustees that the reason for the discrepancy is because the expenses had not yet been entered.
"It shows less than 50 percent of the IMR funding because we don't recognize the revenue until we have incurred the expenses," said Hintz.
The forecast has also been adjusted in several areas to account for decreased enrollment.
Overall expected revenue is set at $147,200 more than budgeted because of the adjustments in the Alberta Education grants and additional teacher time purchased.
On the expense side, certified salaries and benefits are coming in slightly under budget, but Hintz noted that many teachers reach their CPP and EI max before the end of the calendar year and the amounts will even out as the max amounts reset in January.
Expenses were anticipated to come in at $9,500, while overall, there is a decrease in the projected deficit of $137,700.

PRSD Outreach School
Superintendent Roger Clarke put forth to trustees the suggestion of converting their maintenance building in Dunmore into an Outreach School, which would also include a before/after school program and space for an entrepreneurial program. An application has been submitted to Alberta Education for the project. Trustees voted in favour of the outreach school, pending approval by Alberta Ed.

Oyen Administration building
PRSD trustees discussed options for the Oyen administration building which is currently being rented.
"Senior administration did a review to look at options. It has no concrete floor so we can't use it for a shop and we need a new maintenance building. If we sold the building, we could use the proceeds to build a new shop," said secretary/treasurer Ryan Boser.
"Currently, with the rental rate, we are losing about $15 a month. It's not a lot, but that's where we're at," he added.
Superintendent Roger Clarke added, "We have a building we don't have a purpose for and there is a purpose for the building in the community."
After discussing options such as increasing the rent or selling the building through a bid process, trustees voted to sell the building.

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