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Discussion on devastation surrounding suicide

Written by  Demi Knight
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With mental health and addictions causing problems for many across the globe, one organization is hoping to help make these often silent issues a loud topic of conversation with their education and awareness building events over the past years.

By offering a slew of different presentations, sessions and workshops surrounding mental health to communities within the area, the Mental Health Promotion Committee (MHPC) of southern Alberta and partners are gearing up for their latest event this May.
With awareness and education being their main focus, on May 3 at the Coast hotel the MHPC will be hosting their most recent event that will see a workshop discussing the sensitive and glaring issue that is suicide and why so many people die this way in recent years.
“The Mental Health Promotion committee of southern Alberta has been active for many years now as a resource for mental health and addictions” says Tracy Harvey, a committee member.
“And when we talk about mental health and addiction struggles suicide becomes a significant concern for a large number of people.”
Partnering with the Community Interagency Suicide Prevention Council (CISP) this workshop is coming to Lethbridge this May to provide insight into the the delicate issue that is suicide, the behaviour behind this action and the development of effective approaches currently being explored to attempt to asses and aid these situations in the future.
Headed by Dr. Thomas Joiner, the workshop will explore the realms of Joiner’s knowledge and experience working in psychology, neurobiology and treatment of suicidal behaviour and related conditions to share with audiences his new theory in suicidal behaviour and new ways to work with this issue moving forward.
“Understanding more about this issue is critical for everybody who has struggled with, knows somebody struggling with mental health problems or just the general public as everyone is susceptible,” added Harvey.
Dr. Joiner, who has authored and edited 18 books within his career, including one on ‘Why People Die by Suicide’ in 2005 and one titled ‘Myths About Suicide’ that was published in 2010, is bringing his extraordinary knowledge to Lethbridge this May to share his findings with a new audience.
First covering in his workshop the proposal of his new theory that suggests the three factors making people most at risk to experience suicidal behaviour being feeling like a burden to a loved one, the sense of isolation and the learned ability to hurt oneself.
Other objectives of the workshop will include reviewing the basic facts and risk factors surrounding suicide as well as clinical and scientific evidence that evaluates suicidal behaviour.
New developments to prevent suicide, treat suicidal behaviour and understanding the bereavement many face in the wake of suicide experiences will also be covered during the workshop this May.
“Right now we still have tickets available, but we do have to cap our events because the rooms only hold so many and we want to be able to provide a lunch and networking opportunity for all those in attendance as well as the initial workshop,” Harvey added.
The MHPC of Southern Alberta work hard to develop partnerships to bring events such as this one to the province each year. With a history on providing a session each year on different aspects of mental health and addiction, everywhere from drug use during the Opioid crisis to learning about the importance of self-care and more.
Partnering with different organizations throughout southern Alberta to provide more awareness and education on mental health issues that affect so many, this years event on suicide is open to the entire public to attend. 
More information on the upcoming session, ticket pricing and information can be found online through their facebook page at www.facebook.com/ MHPCSA/
 As well see  eventbrite. www.eventbrite.ca/e/why-people-die-by-suicide-tickets-38594181235

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