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Quad Squad wants to protect environment too

Written by  Demi Knight
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Quad Squad wants to protect environment too Contributed

For almost twenty years now, the Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad have been managing members and trails across the scenic rocky mountain landscapes of southwest Alberta, however a new government study may suggest that the use of these off-highway vehicle’s (OHV) could be the cause of deterioration in these precious lands.

Managing over 1,300-km’s of trails in the area, the family based organization however, takes pride in promoting responsible use of Alberta’s southern Rockies while offering to hundreds of their members scenic rides, views and wildlife to enjoy year-round on these said trials. 
“I do believe that there is some room for more enforcement for the one’s that violate these trails and the environment,” says Joe Lumley, Director of the Quad Squad Board. “But we’ve seen vast improvements in the areas over the years of being active on these trails, and as a volunteer group we’ve done everything possible to improve these trails and the system of maintaining the land.”
The Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad, which is a non-profit organization, Lumley says has over five hundred members each year, and each one is not only mindful of the land they trail-blaze along, but also the organization itself works with it’s members, corporate sponsors and volunteers to make positive changes on the lands each year as they continue forward with their quading endeavours.
“We’ve put in fifty bridges so that nobody is driving in creeks or through the water that’s critical to fish habitat and we’ve actually moved trails away from creeks as well.”
With conservation and preservation in mind, Lumley added that these trails are set up not only for the enjoyment of rustic activities such as quading but also to connect those who aren’t able to hike or walk long distances with the nature and beauty of southern Alberta’s landscapes.
“It’s amazing how you can get so far in to see the sights, and despite all the negative sayings you see all kinds of wildlife and landscapes.”
With the Crowsnest Pass area being home to some phenomenal sights, three of the most exciting trails users can ride include the 1946 Dakota Plane Crash Site, a fishing pool and waterfall on the Daisy Creek ride and an eleven-hour ride along the Lille Castle Loop.
However, it’s not only locals that enjoy these amenities, but with members from far and wide, people come from across Alberta in Lethbridge, Calgary, Brooks and even Taber to the area to take a trip throughout the grand landscapes while taking in the breathtaking wildlife that the southwest encompasses.
  “We’re celebrating our twentieth anniversary next year,” says Lumley. “And, because we’ve been out there for the last so many years, people are being safer, cleaner and more conscious of the area now than ever.”
 The Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad which has many corporate sponsors from inside and outside the area including the Berry Creek Ranch and Cervus Equipment Corporation to H&R Block Taber, Oldman Watershed Council and many more, is hoping to continue its successful conservation efforts and exciting offering of trails for many years to come and has an office located in Coleman Alberta and can be reached online through their website for membership inquiries at

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