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Kodiaks putting the ball in prospective students’ courts

Written by  Demi Knight
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Women's basketball team has had a lot to celebrate. Women's basketball team has had a lot to celebrate.

Lethbridge College is kicking off the new year by taking a night to celebrate athletes in southern Alberta.

On Jan. 19 the college officials hope to showcase their Kodiak athletic division to prospective students, and they’re getting the ball rolling by hosting free basketball competitions for junior and senior high students to attend.
In the Val Matteotti gymnasium, separate competitions will be held for eager men and women students across southern Alberta and beyond looking to experience a night as a Kodiak athlete and enjoy the fun-spirited competition, while also being presented the opportunity to see the family that awaits them at Lethbridge College.
“It is our recruitment office that puts these appreciation nights together,” says Manager of Athletics at the college, Todd Caughlin. “It garners more exposure to the college, but since athletics is such a big part of Alberta, these appreciation nights also offer prospective students and chance to see what LC has to offer in that respect, as well as allowing us to see potential recruits.”
During their most recent Junior and Senior High School Appreciation night, Lethbridge College will open their doors to several chaperoned students for an evening of free fun. From 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. students can show up in their respective school jerseys and participate in competitions to win different prizes including entering their names to win a Kodiaks sports camp prize package.
However, the night isn’t just about competing, as it also presents the students in attendance with the opportunity to talk to the College’s recruitment team about prospective programs, services, athletics and more.
“It’s one of those opportunities that is great to offer to everyone, especially rural students,” says Caughlin.
“We’re very proud of our athletic facility and institution as a whole, and some teams especially from out of town may not get this opportunity or options to pursue a dream of continuing sports after school, so putting this program together opens that door for potential student athletes to see what we have to offer them.”
These appreciation nights, which are held once each semester over the academic year, work to showcase the two longest running sports that take to the court each year at the College, those being volleyball and basketball.
“We do one of these nights per term, the last we did which was back in November was volleyball and this time we’re focusing on basketball, they’re our two longest running sports, and the easiest to showcase since the scheduling of other sports such as soccer, cross country and futsal,” added Caughlin.
With the Kodiak pride of blue and black standing strong within the community, these appreciation nights as well as upgraded social media tactics helps the college to share their sporting passion as well as better connecting themselves with more members of the public from far and wide. 
“A lot of schools from rural areas in southern Alberta are taking advantage of these nights,”
“We’ve also done a good job of putting a product on the field and court, improving our facilities and also our social media which has been instrumental in getting our name out there,” added Caughlin.
 With a newly upgraded website and more activity through social media channels, Caughlin added that the Kodiak athletics department is doing better now than ever by seeing increased gate sales and engagement during recruitment events over recent years. Anyone interested in learning more about the Kodiak family and their community events can visit their webpage online at: landing/index

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