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Dunmore development looking good for Jasper Homes

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It's exciting times for Jasper Homes' (sister company) Jade Homes, and its ownership by the Hiebert Group. Hiebert Group president John Hiebert and Chris Nickel who is Jasper’s Masterbuilder can't be more pleased with a new development in Dunmore.

Jade Homes was incorporated in 2001 and had a new company rise from that in 2016 called Jade Built which Nickel was the masterbuilder for until Jade Built was rebranded as Jasper Homes late last year.
A parcel of land in Dunmore was acquired by the Hiebert Group in 2016 and now it is started to take shape.
Both Nickel and Hiebert are excited about how progression is unfolding.
"Had good interest. People are very visual and now that they can see something is happening and they have the potential to build a house soon, now the interest has piqued again and we've got multiple interested in building and starting this year," explains Nickel.
"Well, the biggest thing we want is lots available for purchase this fall and spring and if we can pull that off we're right on schedule," Hiebert said.
It's been a challenging go with some bad weather but so far it hasn't hurt progress on the new development. Hiebert noted the bad weather in the early fall only set them back about a week.
"We're happy we are in production this year. That was our goal to make sure it was in production in 2017 and that we could sell lots in 2017," adds Nickel. "I think that the way our general contractor on site will work they should be ready (soon) for us to put for sale signs up and have people on walk-throughs of the lots and showing people what the development will actually look like.  So yes, we are happy with the schedule, the timeline, everything seems to be on schedule. It's exactly what we are looking for."
 Their biggest hurdle was waiting on the contractor they wanted as they are particular about who they get to do work for them. With construction on the old Walmart site and all the businesses which are going up, contractors they normally work with were tied up.
Hiebert preferred to wait. Measures were being done that would be most effected by cold weather completed first.
"That's our culture is has to be done right or it's not done at all," notes Hiebert.
Nickel says that taking their time suits the project just fine. No sense pushing it too quickly.
"We're not here to be a one time thing. We're going to do this over and over and over again and work with people who know we do a good job and build nice houses and do beautiful developments and that's our goal every time," explains Nickel.
The other issue the project was a delay involving Cypress County and the Hiebert Group. While there was a disagreement, the two insist there has been no major issues and cooperation with Cypress County.
They give high praise to County planning supervisor Jeffrey Dowling who they say has been "awesome to work with" and they continue to negotiate in regards to a specific cost issue.
"The council turned us down for a cost sharing (plan) on the storm water management facility that is actually supporting up to 90 per cent of the rest of this area. So only about six per cent of the watershed is being used for our storm water facility and so we felt it was a little unfair to be honest but we may approach the council again on this. At this point, we're funding the whole storm water management for this whole entire area of Dunmore.
"We're not done with it," adds Nickel. "At the end of the day (though), we wanted to thank Cypress County for how good they have been to work with, they have worked with us very well and they have taught us a lot about the process. We knew where we stood the whole time even though we wanted to argue certain issues it doesn't mean they were unfair in certain aspects. I think they gave us a good opportunity to develop the way we wanted to and were great to work with over all."
Nickel notes Jasper officials are targeting for three or four foundation holes to be hopefully needed and dug in the ground by late 2017, with more digging continuing in January and finally until they are all sold out.

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